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Sami's Whole30 Log


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I'm doing Whole30 to train myself in better eating habits.  Before today, I was on the Pizza Hut, Mountain Dew, and Doritos diet.  I ate lots of sugar and empty calorie foods.  I don't really feel unhappy with my weight, but I am hoping to see improvements in my energy levels, attitude, and skin.  My acne has gotten worse since I turned 26 last year, and I'm hoping that eating better helps clear it up.



Due to my inexperience with incorporating vegetables and whole foods into my diet, I had trouble meeting minimum calorie counts during meal planning.  I know we are not supposed to count calories, but I was really concerned about eating enough.  I don't want to mistake malnutrition for a "sugar hangover" and make myself really sick.  The point of Whole30 is to get healthier. Therefore, on days that I have trouble meeting my minimum calorie count, I am allowing myself to eat white rice.


I'm very lazy when it comes to cooking and trudging containers back and forth to work, so you'll probably see that my diet is very simplistic.  If you're interested in following it closely, let's be friends on MyFitnessPal! My username is ketmie89.


For your amusement, I've included a shot of a typical day for me pre-Whole30.


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It's about 4PM at work, and I'm doing okay.  I've been extra tired and bored without the ability to reach for Doritos and Mt Dew all the time.  I packed too little food in my lunch box (12 kalamata olives, 1 serving almonds, 2 HB eggs), so I was starving a few hours ago.  I ended up ordering a roast beef unwich from Jimmy John's to get me through.  I was skeptical about eating a "sandwich" on lettuce, but it was actually really satisfying!  It was just what I needed to get me through the rest of the work day.


I've also drank a whole liter of water.  That may not sound like much to seasoned Whole30 participants, but you have to remember I got all my liquids in the form of carbonated sugar water before. ;)


Overall, I'm not feeling super enthusiastic like the Day 1 in the timeline.  I already miss Doritos, cheese, and bread terribly.  But I think it's going to be okay.  And no headaches - yet.

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Okay. Let's get real. If you eat rice, you are not doing a Whole30. There are no cheats allowed during a Whole30. You either do it all the way or you are not doing a Whole30. You can say you are working towards being ready to do a Whole30, but you cannot eat an off-plan food and call what you are doing a Whole30. That's not fair to you because you will not have the full experience and it is not fair to the thousands of people who followed the rules.


Your problem with not eating enough has nothing to do with the Whole30. We tell you very clearly how much to eat. There is no need to count calories if you follow the meal planning template. The meal you took for lunch does not come close to meeting the standards of a Whole30 meal. Counting calories will not fix that. You have to make a decision to do the program as advised and that means doing some things that are very different from how you have done things in the past. Study the guide and you will do beautifully.


How much to eat
Officially, we do not monitor Whole30 logs, so I will not be back here to check on you. You can do anything you want with your food, but you deserve the full Whole30 experience. Don't short-change yourself. 
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