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Brittany's First Whole30


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Today is my first day of Whole30.  I am excited to start and experience the great changes my body will eventually see.  It was a little challenging start Whole30 today because I am away from home at school, where I have catered meals.  All the meats were either glazed or teriyaki, so I couldn't have those.  I don't think this way of eating is necessarily challenging, but it is so eye-opening to see how many things have added sugar or wheat that I wouldn't have considered.  I had to walk to the grocery store to pick up some extra things due to not being able to eat the meat at school.  I couldn't find any beef jerky without sugar and ended up getting pure coconut water, almonds (also hard to find almonds without sugar or other things added), and two avocados.


Here's my log for Day 1:


Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs and some fruit (melon, strawberry slices, pineapple)


Lunch: salad with cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, and hard-boiled egg slices (no dressing!)


Dinner: 1 potato, vegetables (mushrooms, green beans, onions)


I'm currently drinking my coconut water and might have some almonds later if I'm really hungry.


Today was definitely a day of temptations!  I really love bread, and my school had the most delicious-looking bread for dinner, tons of desserts, along with teriyaki tri-tip that I obviously couldn't have, and glazed chicken and noodles for lunch.  They were even giving away free samples of alcohol at the grocery store!  Lucky, I am motivated and it wasn't too hard to walk right by.  I did notice that I felt hungry between lunch and dinner.  I'm thinking it's because I didn't have enough protein due to the limited choices.  This will be a lot easier once I'm back home!  I'm also excited to start cooking again, since I've mostly been eating take-out due to being so lazy and tired after work.  I am excited to continue my journey tomorrow!

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Day 2!!


Today went really well.  Although I wanted some bread or other foods sometimes, I never really felt any cravings or like I just HAD to have something.  So far I feel good, although I did feel extra tired tonight (possibly due to being in class from 8:30am-6:15pm).  I definitely think about things in a different way and I am sad to see all the things that are put into our foods.  In the past few days I've learned that some tea bags have SOY in them and many restaurants even use soy oil in their olive oil.  Also, I was a little frustrated that my school's catering caramelized some of the vegetables and has glazes on many of the meats.  However, I am learning quickly how to make meals that work well for me.  I'm just nervous for Monday; it will be day 4 and my shift got changed from 8 hours to 16 hours!  I was really counting on only working an 8 hour shift to get me through the day, hopefully I'm not too tired or feeling crappy on Monday.


Breakfast: Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs and some fruit (melon, strawberry slices, pineapple)


Lunch: salmon, apple, almonds, veggies


Dinner: chicken, avocado, tangerine

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Hi, Brittany!

Have you checked out the meal template? It's linked in my signature below. You'll get a lot more out of your whole30 if you plan all your meals to meet the template. You especially will want to make sure you have plenty of food during your upcoming 16 hour workday -- you might plan to have a fourth full meal that day.

Logs are not normally moderated, I just happened to look at yours and was concerned you may be shortchanging yourself on your meals. If you have any questions, please post in the Troubleshooting section of the forum, I won't comment more here unless you ask.

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