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Let the Planning Beginning...


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(Just realized I posted this in the WRONG place... but I'm not sure how to delete it!)


I have set my start date for 28 Jan 15. As we will be going on a small trip & I know I won't be far enough along to truly resist foods that I need to! I am apprehensive because I'm a picky eater. But, as far as the program goes... I LOVE IT. So often you are surrounded by propaganda of eat this, drink that, wear this, to lose weight.. but I truly want to CHANGE MY LIFE. In the future, my husband and I hope to have children... I really want to bring my child into a HEALTHY family!


Currently, in a house of five--I'll be the only one taking on the Whole30. I would LOVEEE for everyone to join BUT I would rather do it alone than have someone HALF on board. Hopefully they will come around.

Does anyone have any CROCKPOT recommendations? Being the only one doing it... it will be the easiest for me to make a large batch at once compared to constantly cooking (there are a lot of different shifts working in one house hold).


I look forward to starting this journey!




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I did a chili in the crockpot last week and it was amazing! This week I'm going to do a stew. We also cooked a whole chicken this week, with amazing veggies and that could have been done in the crockpot but I did it in the oven instead.

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