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Whole30 Daily, day 16 nailed it!


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I am on day 16, and today's Whole30 Daily really resonated with me. I did my first whole30 about a year ago, and with the exception of the Thanksgiving-to-new-years stretch, stuck really close to the whole30 way of eating. I decided to do the January whole30, and about two days ago started to think, "yeah, ok, I got this. No biggie, been here, done it before, it'll be ok to have that glass of wine with dinner. And DD made my favorite cake, one bite...to thank her for her efforts..." Etc etc. my rationalization was that I "knew" I could do it, because I'd done it before and honestly, had a wildly successful year with my health (thanks, by the way!). No, I didn't actually have any wine or cake, I was still a bit undecided about abandoning my efforts two weeks in. But I was contemplating it.

Then, I get up this morning and open the daily email (which I didn't subscribe to the first time around), and BAM! There, staring me in the face, is the section on 'restraint bias.' That's me. So alright, message received! I'll finish this out, no questions about it. I really don't think I would have quit my whole 30 without this information, but I guess there's a deeper understanding and a deeper commitment to it now.

This one email, those two paragraphs alone, are worth every penny and moment spent on the daily emails.

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