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Weird Question- wax paper, do I have to start over?


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I'm on Day 13 and have been really good reading ingredients and being compliant. I made Whole30 breakfast sausage this morning (delicious btw) and used wax paper to line cookie sheets when I transferred to oven. At some point during that 6 minute bake my kitchen started to get smoky and smelled like candle wax.

So, I just googled wax paper vs parchment paper (didn't realize they were different) and saw that wax paper is generally coated in soy. Meaning, I'm sure the soy got into my sausage a bit.

So, two questions:

- Does this mean a restart (assume no as honest mistake), and

- I should throw out the rest of the batch of sausage, right? ... Since it may have soy in it now...


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Honest mistakes have the same effect on your body as calculated or planned rules violations. And soy is a big deal. You may have ingested a bit. By the way, I did not know that wax paper was coated with soy. I can't imagine that you got much, but if you are sensitive to soy, any bit might matter. 


You might consider continuing your Whole30, but waiting until day 43 to reintroduce soy products so that you could get 30 days without soy. You could easily extend your reintroduction period out 13 days after your anticipated day 30 is complete.

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