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Jan. 10th Start Date


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Hello all! I know I am a little behind the curve, just joining the forum on my 8th day of Whole30. But here I am! 


Pros: So far I am noticing less bloating and discomfort when I eat, which is amazing because that has always been a problem for me! 


Interesting: So far I have noticed most of the symptoms described in the Whole30 Timeline (pg. 33-41), however they are about two days off for me. For example the "Kill all the things" phase usually occurs day 4-5 according to the book, but that way yesterday, day 7 for me, no question! I tried to go shopping and I literally wanted to kill everyone around me!


Cons: I still want wine and cheese in the worst way!!


Before starting Whole30, I was a relatively clean eater. I paid some attention to labels, and cooked most of my meals, didn't drink soda and really didn't eat much in the way of sweets. I chose to start Whole30 because I realized that I did not eat nearly enough veggies, I was always tired, and I always felt bloated.


And lets be honest...2-4 glasses of wine a night to relieve the stress of nursing school is not the most ideal practice!


If anyone else started January 10th, I would love to hear how it is going for you!



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