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Slow start, but here I am: January 18th


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43-year old sugar addict.


I'm a GM at a bistro with attached bakery....which means readily available sweets I don't even realize I'm putting in my mouth for most of the day. Part of my job is to convince other people to indulge in what we are selling. I also help run the cocktail program/craft beer selection at night. 


But I like to consider myself as a "strong female character" and I've spent most of the last few years really focusing on Self Care. I've begun to notice my own unhealthy tendency to self-harm through food & drink....if that makes any sense.


I recently moved from Northern California, where people are always talking about health and diet and yoga and meditation, to my original home of New England, where codependency reigns along with traditional comfort foods and unhealthy choices.


It's winter and it's cold. Hibernation calls me to load up on food and sleep. 


But my clothes don't fit, my joints groan with the extra weight, my gut has started to revolt and I just don't feel good.


Last year I tried:

Jenny Craig

Hot Yoga

Personal Trainer Gym Membership

hCG Diet


"tried" being the operative word.


Now I'm here.

I've arrived at this Whole30 road after going down a number of stumbled upon paths--watching friends do the whole30 through facebook, seeing my mom figure out her gluten sensitivity, listening to health podcasts, reading books about healing and self care.


It's 30 days.....I can do anything for 30 days.


I'm curious enough to see where this might take me and what I might discover about myself along the journey.

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