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Planning a dinner for non Whole30iers, just need some opinions/advice


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Once a month my friends and I have Supper Club, we take turns hosting and cooking a meal for each other, share the recipe and at the end of the year we make a cookbook. This month, since I'm doing a Whole30, I'm the host so I can make sure it's food I can eat. The dinner is next Saturday. I've mostly planned a menu, but I just wanted some opinions on it, if it might be too heavy etc.

Appetizer: TBD - any ideas?

Main: Steak pesto stuffed portabella mushroom caps, carmelized green beans, Paleo caesar salad with crispy proscuitto bits

Dessert: (it's gotta be a 3 course meal, they want dessert!) baked/carmelized peaches with coconut cream

Is my main too heavy? Any good app ideas that go with the menu?

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