Ovulation time


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I'm currently on day 22 of my whole30. I've been trucking along auote nicely from the start with a huge decrease in anxiety and depression and a lot less body and joint pain. That is until yesterday. Started getting some back pain, anxious belly, heart palpitations, pain in my lower abdomen. Sure enough I check my period tracker app and I'm ovulating. Normally I'd break out the comfort food, chocolate, wine, lots and lots and lots of bread. Of course I know I can't do that on the whole 30 bit its super uncomfortable to have to suffer through emotions and stuff when I'm used to using food as a crutch. So I'm curious what gets you through? I have been drinking lots of "happy tea" which is just a combo of some herbs and citrus (all compliant) and just had an Epsom salt bath but still not much relief.

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Have you tried crunching on baby carrots (not the tiny ones, but the regular baby size)? That helps me when I just need to chomp on something. I keep baggies of them all washed and ready to go in the fridge. That way I'm able to grab something quick. I usually follow that with a few almonds to balance out the sweetness of the carrots.

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