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I just want to shout it out.


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I am Round1 Day8.


Here are my NSVs:

double chin going away, rosacea almost gone, acne (at age 48) gone, increased energy, less brain fog, generally more happy.  I went to a party Saturday night and was completely compliant and it wasn't difficult, I took La Croix and sipped that while everyone else drank wine.


Here is the big thing, I would not believe it if it didn't happen to me.


I hurt my rotator cuff last summer.  It has hurt since then, I thought I would need surgery.  It hurts in the front, I can't carry heavy things with that arm, do push ups, or stretch my arm across my body.


I was planning to go to the doctor about it very soon, I have high deductible insurance and by the time I realized it was a problem, it was October, I didn't want to pay up to my deductible in November, then have to start over in January.


Saturday was day 6, I was at Zumba and I did push ups with no pain.  I normally plank when they do push ups, but it felt different so I did the push ups.  I didn't think anything of it.


I usually can't lay on that side because it hurts my shoulder.  Last night I was laying in bed, on that side, I was thinking, hmmm, this doesn't hurt, what is going on.


This morning I am able to stretch my arm across my body, I can feel a tiny bit of a pull when my arm is fully stretched. 


I realize this is a result of W30, the inflammation in my body is resolving.  I also have noticed that the chronic stress that I carry in my shoulders is relaxing, they are normally always tense and tender, they are relaxed and feeling good now.


I just feel so darn good, it's hard not to tell everyone I know how great this program is.  I don't want to be a bore or one of "those people" so I came here instead.



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