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First Whole30 started today- truck driver


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Started my first whole30 today. I'm a truck driver OTR so I know this will be a little challenging but I'm determined and I'm pretty sure my fiancé and I can make it work.

I started out a couple weeks ago slowly cutting out carbs and have completely changed over to black coffee. That was the hardest part.

Good luck to anyone else starting out!!!

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Day 2- hard waking up this morning. No coffee readily available. Closest truck stop about 40 miles!

Debating bringing back out the Keurig for mornings like this. I CANNOT go without my coffee.

Trying to master up enough brain power to get out of this bed and eat. Short drive back to KSC today. Just gotta wake up.

On another note yesterday was good! Ate good, and got full. Didn't need snacks. Was a little tired but I think it was more because of work than W30.

Oh yeah I made some W30 emergency meatballs yesterday. My fiancé loved them as did I. I see spaghetti made out of spaghetti squash coming soon!

Hope everyone has a good day! I'll check back in later. Remember yall we got this!!!

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Day 3- what I have learned so far

Must have fats to stay satiated til next meal.

Didn't have much fat for breakfast. Not bad but it's 1130 and starting to feel hungry. Not starving.

Otherwise love how I am feeling.

Heading home for at least a week to put the truck in the shop so I will really get a benefit of prepping and cooking ahead and working this program and hopefully seeing good results.

Energy level today is pretty good.

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Hi bassgirlcori, sounds like you're figuring it out, that's great!


I'm just moving this to the Whole30 Log section as you are logging your days. The logging section is slightly more private in that only signed in members can view the posts.  :)

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