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Day 31! Plenty of NSVs!


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It's day 31 today. Just thought I'd share a few of the things I have gained from the Whole30:




Managed 30 days of eating 3 real meals a day, with hardly a snack throughout. Before the Whole30, I ate constantly, eating healthy but small meals, interlaced with whatever I could get my hands on to fill the gaps. I've learned that I need a lot of food to stay full from one meal to another


Mt hungry voice has stopped roaring at me, now it whispers to me


I feel better! I didn't get the full tiger blood experience, although I got a few days of it somewhere in the middle. I think my teething, night waking toddler disrupted that. Must do another Whole30 when he is older!


I learned that I can cook pretty well! I knew I was okay, but had been making flour and sugar laden dishes, which let's face it, isn't really cooking. Real, gourmet cooking uses fresh ingredients and forms something beautiful out of them. And now I feel I can do that. I feel elegant ;)


I learned that I don't need any grains . Before, I knew they were bad but always had them because I just couldn't think of anything else. Coming across Whole30 recipes, and knowing grain (especially y go-to quick food - brown rice pasta) is off limits, this was no longer a problem, even when I was rushing somewhere or only had a few minutes to prepare food.


Managed to go to a few parties without eating anything I shouldn't, despite everyone's encouragement to have a bit!


I think I fought my sugar dragon pretty well, although I'm also thinking I might be one of those people who has to avoid sugar completely. I am going to try occasional treats and if I find myself de-railing, will go sugar free.


Okay, just a minute. I had no sugar for 30 days! Hello, that's crazy awesome! No more treats every time I went grocery shopping.....


I feel super confident about health in general (a little bit superior over my whole-wheat loving 'healthy' friends who add lots of whole wheat to their diet to be healthy...how can I get through to them!?)


And so ends NSVs, although I'm sure I could find more.


As for weight, I am going to post a separate post about this. I am underweight, but I was eating sugar and unhealthy carbs at least 2 or 3 times a week. I have been eating a lot during my Whole30 - really big, good meals - and my weight still went down by 1.5 lbs. I'm happy about it, because it was weight that I gained after having a baby - but I am technically underweight so will have to watch that. I found it hard to believe I had lost when I was piling fat on things. I guess I was eating more snack food than I thought.

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Thank you for sharing your experience.  Were there any days you struggled?  I'm D9 and I know tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be tough days.  I'm not buying into it, I've felt great since I started.  I planned my meals and everything is prepped in case something does hit me.


About the cooking thing, I had a bunch of doctor's appointments today, they ran past lunch.  I didn't bring a snack, because I knew it would be an excuse to eat it, even if I wasn't really hungry.  I got home from the doctor's appointment abut 12:10 (I eat lunch at 11-11:30).  I stir fried some peppers, onions, and mushrooms, added a sliced chicken sausage to the pan, served it over a bed of torn spinach with half an avocado sliced on top.  It was eye appealing and delicious and took about 10 minutes to prepare.  I guess I'm trying to say, I get the part about learning that you have cooking skills, maybe part of it is when you have beautiful, whole ingredients it's easy to put something together.

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I think about 2 weeks in I struggled with wanting to eat treats, but it went away. In general it wasn't too hard although of course it was dedication. Reintro will be hard for me though, I know that.


I hear what you are saying about the cooking! Real foods ARE beautiful and easy to make. I was just used to adding sugar to make things taste good, when now I've learned how to do other things that make food REALLY taste good.

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