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Kicking off my Whole30- on Day 2


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Hello!  I just kicked Whole30 off yesterday, and would like some feedback on my choices thus far to make sure I am off to a good start.


Day 1 Meals/Snacks-

Breakfast (9 am)- 2 fried eggs in olive oil, served over a bed of sauteed kale. 1 clementine. 1 coffee with emulsified coconut oil. 1 cup tea


Snack- strawberries and pistachios, 1 cup tea


Lunch (2 pm)- beef stir fried with veggies


Snack- cherry tomatoes with dill and himalayan salt, cashews, 1 cup tea, 1 glass of sparkling water with lemon


Dinner (8 pm)- london broil with balsamic vinegar, mashed cauliflower with dill and garlic, 1 glass of sparkling water with lemon

- totally admit, i drank almost no water on day 1- i don't normally do this badly!


Day 2 Meals/Snacks-

Breakfast (830 am)- 1.5 hardboiled eggs with s&p, 2 small sausage patties (homemade), sauteed kale. 1 cup coffee with emulsified coconut oil. 1 cup tea.


Mid-morning- 2 glasses of water - this is as far as I have gotten today- what's listed below is what I am planning to eat!


Snack- 1 clementine


Lunch- sauteed chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower, 1 clementine


Snack- 1 clementine with cashews


Dinner- Cauliflower mash and leftover london broil

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Everything looks compliant although you should double check on your nuts to ensure nothing off plan is in the ingredients.


If you want better results I would reference the meal planning template and use it to better structure your meals. These are recommendations not rules, but they should help you get the best results from your Whole30. Specific things I would suggest is making your meals a bit larger and cutting out the snacks. You ideally want to construct meals that keep you full for 4-6 hours. If you must eat something because you are truly hungry between meals than have more of a mini meal hitting at least 2 of the 3 groups (protein, fat, and vegetables). We recommend limiting fruit to 1-2 fist sized servings a day as a part or immediately following a meal. Snacking on fruit by itself can lead to blood sugar spikes that throw off your hunger cues.


Again let me stress you are completely compliant as far as I can tell in your choices, the above recommendations just might help you get even better results from the program.

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Having been on Paleo for 4+ years...having started with Whole30 and subsequently doing additional Whole30s once a year or so, I completely agree with the moderator.....fewer snacks and fruits, and possibly increase main meal portion size... also as you go, you may not need the larger portions as your body adjusts to good, healthy foods.....so listen to your body.

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