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New here...and sooooo excited!!!


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Hi everyone!


Starting my first Whole 30 today!!! I am really really pumped. I am a nurse who married her best friend in October of 2014. Since then I have found myself taking less and less care with my body and eating whatever I "felt" like eating at the time. It has been a wonderful first year of marriage, full of love, but a VERY stressful one as well;  including selling a home, buying a home, job transitions, and extended family challenges. Needless to say, I have been stuffing my stress down with unhealthy foods and my energy, skin, focus, and weight have all taken the hit from it.  I am up 60 lbs from my wedding day...yup...you read that right...60 lbs in a little over a year and no newborn baby to blame it on.


I have a history (14 yrs +) of Bulimia and I am celebrating 2 yrs of recovery from that in February!!!!!  With all of the food issues that I have filled the better part of my life with, it's almost as if I have completely forgotten how to "eat" properly, or maybe I never really even learned. I have had wonderful results from counseling and treatment/therapy. However, I am still battling a enormous addiction to food as a coping mechanism for all things emotional, mostly triggered by simply putting certain foods into my mouth. The foods that are most "triggering" to me are not even allowed anywhere near these thirty days, according to the guidelines of this program, so that is going to be very beneficial to me.


I came across this program, read the books, prayed over it, consulted with my therapist...and away we go!!  I pray that this life change will help me to begin to break the hold that my food obsession has had over me most of my life.


God bless you all,



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Thank you both!!!  It actually went really well. I was compliant through every meal. And, I know this might sound crazy, and it might be completely in my head, but I actually feel better this morning than I have in a very long time! It has been mind blowing to see the amount of "garbage" that is put into so many of our "foods". YIKES!!

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