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Imani first whole30.. The easiest way possible!!


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Hi everyone,

So me and a few of my friends decided to try whole 30 out .. In a mom of 4 and the only person that cook in the house so I have to sometimes cook extra stuff just for me .... That being said I'm determine to do whole 30 the easiest way possible so yes I brought as many premade complaint stuff that I can.. So yes I have many bottle of tessamae sauces all skivvies Yea I have applegate prepackage meat( sausage and turkey meat) oh what make this harder is I don't eat pork and only eat red meat twice a month and many cans of chicken and salmon in the can ... And when I'm stressed yes I have larabars that I plan to eat .. I will only drink lemon zinger, passion, or sorrel tea in the morning with no sugar ... Water in the afternoon and lacroix in the evening ... I determine to do the whole 30 days and I already know that I need to make the easiest way possible .. Maybe next time I'll get fancy and make stuff but this time around I doubt I'll make anything fancy

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May I make a recommendation? Instead of eating Lara Bars (or anything) when you're stressed, do something non-food related instead. Call a friend, dance, go for a walk, do a puzzle, whatever.

And a question: why are you limiting red meat to twice a month?

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Day 1

Wasnt to bad for breakfast I had eggs, and plantains with sorrel tea didn't miss the sugar at all


For lunch I sucked cause I was driving for 4 hrs and wasn't prepared so I ate cashew and some mixed fruit

And for dinner I had chicken and broccoli and a sweet potato and a lacroix to drink


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Day 2 .. Was terrible with snacking but I didn't eat anything I wasn't suppose to ... I did promise myself no snacking at all tomorrow

The day started off good I had eggs with chicken sausage avocado tomatoes onions and a cup of lemon zinger tea


Lunch was chicken salad basically lettuce mayo and can chicken no dressing was really good didn't miss the dressing at all I drank water with it

Then things started going down hill I started to feel super tired to the point I was failing asleep playing with my 2 year old and I I had to do something so I made a half a plantain and it helped a little but not much so I ate a larabar hoping it would help and it did .. But then I ate a few carrots and avocado cause I was feeling hungry I was good after that but I knew I went over board.

For dinner I had fish with mango salsa( home made) cabbage zoodle peppers and shrimp .. I decided to eat light cause of the snacking it was really good too


Tomorrow I hoping to do better I'm not sure if I was feeling tired cause of whole 30 or cause it coming around to that time of the month as I normal get really tired around that time.

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So I'm a visual person so this log will be pic heavy sorry for anyone that can't handle pic heavy post

I want to post a few thing I did to prep and make my life easier

Here's my whole30 side of the spice cabinet so I don't make any mistakes with seasons


Here's my shelf in the fridge with whole 30 approve stuff


And here my fitness planner that I write all my meals down


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Day 3 went well I had a lot of energy way more then yesterday which is weird .. I still haven't had any headache or withdrawal from sugar maybe because I don't really eat much sugar

Breakfast was eggs with a verde sauce plantains and a cup of passion tea


Lunch was chicken salad with olives avocado and water

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Not sure what happen I'm on my phone but for lunch I had chicken salad avocado olives and water .. Then on the side cantaloupe and grape but I didn't eat the grapes cause my 2 year old stole them .. Lol


And for dinner was ground turkey meat balls with spegetti sauce zoodles and string beans it was so good really recommend the bottle spegetti sauce I found at whole food .. My hubby and kids had brown rice pasta instead of zoodles here a pic of both

Here's what I ate 6F514FD1-9834-4E0D-A1DF-A8CCEC22EE32_zps

And what they ate


Oh and here's the pasta sauce I brought


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