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Follow along, my Whole30 from 8 to 12 weeks

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Hi fellow Whole 30'ers.

I am currently 8 wks along, with my 4th munchkin. Shhh... We have yet to announce it so if you know me on FB (or otherwise), pls keep on the DL. Thx :)

So I thought I'd start up this thread. Hope that's coolio with the Whole9 gang. I found myself checking often for some support and/or women in same boat. And so inme absence if such, figured I would create it.

I have done a few Whole 30's before. Great results. Really reshaped my relationship to food. That has forever been the most difficult change, for me, in previous changes. I mean, yes I can eat more protein and produce but until I get to the root of WHY that bread cripples me for 2 days, why would I bother stopping? Ok, leaving out a lot! Lol. But you get my drift.

I found myself experiencing the typical nausea beginning at 6 weeks. Figured I could tackle it day by day, and I was... Until a wicked GI bug hit my house. Three of us (note: US!!) got hit hard. I was living off crackers and Gatorade and made no apologies, since I had to still get up each day and function for the rest of the household. Ya know?

A week, very very long week, went by and the big is out of the house. *touch wood*. I realized I was preferring the canned soups for my meals alongside the produce. Hmmm... Gotta fix that

So I picked up my copies of It Starts With Food (hard copy + e-book) and reminded myself all the good that the Hartwigs teach. Got right back on the Whole30 train.

Today is my Day 2. I am not quite 8.5 weeks pregnant officially. (Dont worry, I am the least accurate about that sort of thing). I anticipate a fairly smooth-ish ride as I really do prefer this style of eating. Admittedly, preparation has been not as strong these last few weeks. The thought of food, proteins particularly, right now often makes me queasy.

I am also traveling next weekend to an international, themed hotel destination. I am already preparing my list of foods for the cooler and subsequent grocery store stops.

I won't post daily, but will come back often to update the good and the bad. Hopefully this will help another woman in similar situation.

Happy weekend, happy Day 2

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I just wanted to jump in and say how happy I am to read this! I am about 6-7 weeks (not real sure and haven't had my first appointment yet) and finding it REALLY hard to stick to the Whole30 I was doing before I found out. I am going to give myself a break for the next week or two, and then start again. Your thread is going to help me, I know!

Have a great day!

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Day 3:

Just finished my interpretation of ISWF's Indian curry recipe for ground beef. I swapped in the veggies I had on hand vs what the recipe called for. Oh boy. Yummers!! Even on a bed of raw spinach I couldn't get it in fast enough. Great recipe

I should admit that I am using a couple bites of banana first thing in the morning to keep the queasiness at bay. I can't make breakfast fast enough (usually am keeping the 13-month-old quiet in the basement while everyone else sleeps). I have done a prepped breakfast route, and frankly, it is making me nauseous to eat a substantial, cold meal instantly. I know - goofy! But the flip flops don't lie. I figure on this being temporary.

For post-workout, I had 2 hard boiled eggs and 1/2c beets. Anyone have input as to how long it takes whole food to break down and by used by our bodies? My trainer quoted me "24 hours" but I don't believe her. I felt too good instantly today for that to be the case. I intend to ask on Whole9's FB page if they have science-y answer.

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Does the banana help with the morning sickness?

Congrats!!! And, thanks for blogging your experiences. I'm sure lots of women will be glad to read your experiences eating Whole30 in the first trimester, since that seems to be the hardest time!

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Casey, it really does. Now I am not sure if the banana is stopping the nausea in its tracks *or* eating this way as a whole has resulted in very little overall nausea. Typically, I am at the worst between 6-10 weeks.

Either way, the most "inconvenience" I am experiencing is a decreased desire for proteins. Some meals, I am forcing it in or taking two bites and pushing the plate away. Go figure.

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Day 5- such low energy for workouts. Likely due to trimester 1, as opposed to early stages of Whole30... But one never knows for sure.

I do know that my energy levels are higher at this stage than previously.

My weight training has been less than impressive, however. Still pushing thru though.

Also, sleeping somewhat better at nights thankfully. The longest I have been able to stay asleep in one stretch has been nearly 3 hours. Not ideal, but better than waking every 90 min. Even yesterday with a 45min nap. I take what I can get I guess.

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I'm also pregnant....9.5 weeks. I was doing the Whole30 in August and found out I was pregnant on the last day. So my Whole30 was technically successful, I made it all the way through. BUT, then the morning sickness hit.

I wanted to keep eating good but I just couldn't. Now it's been 4 weeks of eating mostly not so great foods. Honestly, I'm having more problems with food aversions than anything. One day I can eat chicken, the next if I even smell it, Look Out!!!

This is a great thread because I've gone back and forth between feeling guilty for the way I've been eating and not worrying too much about it. This is my second go around and when I was pregnant the first time (3 yrs ago) I had been eating paleo for a year. When morning sickness hit me, all I could eat was toast, cereal and bean burritos. After the first trimester though, I felt so much better and was able to get back on the wagon for the rest of the pregnancy.

So that's my plan this time too. I say, if you can handle sticking to the Whole30 program rules while sick, then do it. If you can't, then don't worry and get back on track when you can handle it. Just don't beat yourself up about it if you eat less than stellar right now. Anyone who has been here knows how tough it can be just to get through ONE DAY...especially if you have other kiddos you are taking care of too.

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Good for you! I went crazy during the first trimester, had horrible uncontrollable (well, that's the excuse I used) cravings and ate things I haven't eaten in the past two years of being primal/paleo. And I couldn't go anywhere near meat, thankfully that ended at 12 weeks and now I'm 5 days into my first Whole 30 at 26 weeks pregnant. I'm interested in how this goes for you, I sure wish I'd have stuck to healthy eating and what your doing is awesome.

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Hi ladies! I was AWOL for a few weeks wasn't I? We went away and then it was Thanksgiving (I'm in Canada) and man oh man, I sucked the big one!!

When I first fell face first off the wagon, I'd just received the Whole9 email about excuses. Of course being a raging hormone factory, I took it über-personally and ran screaming away from technology. Figured it was being sent precisely because I was failing.

**Okay, paranoid much?**

I have not been 100% compliant. I have gone back and forth and back again. Many times. I am sure I had a mini breakdown about it too. En I had to just stop. Take a deep breath and just stop.

Like others know first hand, meat doesn't jive with some people in trimester 1. I can't tell you how ill it made me. I had to cook it for the family but it turned my stomach so hard I often couldn't eat for the rest of the night. Wen I finally did, it was on the level of binge because I was so hungry. Add to that the only thing that I could tolerate ingesting was toast or fruit, sometimes cheese. Um, not so paleo huh? Not so Whole30 by a long shot.

So in that respect, I failed.

Thing is, with the time away, I had time to think. Yes I didn't follow the protocol. But know what? I was still humming along, happy and healthy. Heard baby's heartbeat a few weeks ago and clean FORGOT what the heck I was stressing over. Baby is very obviously growing because I am totally showing. ( has to be a girl, with my boys, I went to min 4mon before anyone even gave me a 2nd look).

My nausea has passes. I M now 12 weeks. First ultrasound is next Thursday.

I am able again to happily eat much more produce at each meal. Fruit is not as appealing. I am starting to accept meat...slowly. Beef jerky is ok. Go figure. Bread is a b***h but that is more of a mental hurdle right now.

Oh! The headaches are gone finally. Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy. The headaches were blinding to me. I don't normally get them so when they started in around wee 8 or 9, I thought I was dying. I admit, I did turn to the sugar to attempt to ease them. Hence the fruit increase. Swear on a stack that I waited them out but after 4days, I was in tears most of the day. Pain relievers weren't working so I do what a busy mom has to do. No apologies.

So...hope you can see it in your hearts to forgive me my transgressions. Hormones rule Trimester 1 and this experiment totally validates it!!

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@ Heidi I am just 13 weeks pregnant due May 10, 2013 -- so I think we are very close to the same timeline.

I had a rough first trimester but am feeling much more inspired now... During my first tri I didn't have food aversion until dinner time. I was NOT interested in dinner/meat/veggies etc. I just didn't eat and I think that spiraled into a mid-day binge on any food available each day. Plus, I was so tired, preparing whole foods was like climbing mt. everest. I'm feeling more energy returning so hoping to get back on the whole 30 wagon! I'm going to do my best to post in the nutrition accountability thread someone started recently here.

All the best to you and thanks for the inspiration!!

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