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Tammy's public commitment to better health-start date 1/19/16


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I've been a clean eater for years, so how did I allow myself to spiral out of control? It doesn't matter. What matters is that I have that fire back in my belly...and it's not from eating garbage.

1/19 day one: hubby made me leftover pork shredded into an egg and veggies. Coffee was black and tasted great. I usually only add cream to my first cup, so no biggie.

Lunch was a bit bland shredded salad with vinegar and oil, and homemade soup. Lovely little kiwi brightened it up. Dinner was amazing. Baked seasoned chicken wings, roasted sweet potatoes in coconut oil and brocolli. I had an apple and cherries later. I want to break my fruit cravings. I would like to move to a more ketogenic plan eventually and also not sub in fruit when sweet cravings hit because I over indulge. Overall a great first day

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Day 2: I felt sort of hungry but stuck with my meals and drank water and coffee. Work was an emotional nightmare. Was it because I'm extra sensitive? No. It was justified by betrayal of a colleague.

B: hard boiledceggs, cherry tomatoes, avacado

L: brocolli, chivken wings, cabbage soup

D: fajita beef, spaghetti squash, ghee, coconut oil

Snacks: kiwi, apple with almond butter

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