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I'm on day 7 and getting frustrated! - HELP!


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So I started last Monday, but restarted that Wednesday because I ate some gum. And so far, I have felt like I was doing really great with the eating. And I have been keeping up with the timeline fairly well. But right now, I'm just oh so irritated!!!!! I'm feeling swollen and bloated and gross and constipated and just uncomfortable. So far nothing is moving in my body which SUCKS. I have looked through the forum and have looked for similar posts so I am requesting all the help I can get! I know frequently people want to know my daily habits so I'm posting a day in my life to see if there are any suggestions!


4:30am Wake up, get ready for gym and head out for the drive there (I have a viscous long commute)

Drink coffee, black with coconut milk on the way to the gym.

5:45am Get to parking garage, walk to gym

6:00am Work out - 30 minsweight lifting and 30 mins of cardio

8:00am Get to work and eat - 2 eggs, half an avocado (large), and a handful of cherry tomatoes mixed together

Desk job - drink another cup of coffee

12:00pm Eat lunch - this week its sweet potato hash - sweet potatoes, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, bacon, chicken sausage, over easy egg, and half an avocado. Portion size would be enough to fill a small plate.

3:00pm Apple

6:30 pm Dinner - This week spaghetti w/ spaghetti squash. In the sauce, pureed tomatoes, lean grass fed beef, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and olives. About 1-2 cups.

If I'm going crazy I'll have a cup of frozen mangoes (I had one bad night that I binged and ate way too many) But i have only done this 3 times.

9:00pm Bed


I drink about 100ozs of water but most of it happens during working hours.


Okay - please give me any and all advice. My first thought is maybe I'm not eating enough? Or my portions of certain things are off. Either way, I'd love to know. And if by some miracle I'm following it fairly well, sweet Jesus - HOW DO I STOP THE CONSTANT BLOAT & CONSTIPATION!!!!


Thank you everyone!!!!

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You are not eating nearly enough!


You are eating your first food 4.5 hours after waking. That is an awful burden to lay on your body. Eat real food before you leave your house. You need it. After an hour of working out, you are not eating a post-workout meal. Instead, you are making your body wait another hour before feeding it a first meal. You should have eaten three meals by this time.


Your lunch is enough to fill a small plate. We want you to eat enough to fill a large plate. You especially need to be eating enough to fill a large plate.


Your dinner was 1-2 cups? We want you eating more like 3 cups of cooked veggies plus a portion of protein as big as the palm of your hand and probably two.


Your body does not poop much when it is living on coffee and water. It needs food.


Bottom line, eat more protein, more fat, and more veggies. Study this guide:


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Tom - First, thank you very much!


I guess the part I am struggling with is the rules say eat right when you wake up, and then eat right after your workout, BUT, only have 3 meals a day. I guess that is the part I am really struggling with. And I was starting to realize I wasn't eating nearly enough, so I'll add more to my meals. But could you please suggest a way to get it all in three meals, or maybe how I should be planning my day out???


Thank you again!

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Basically when you get up treat it like a pre work out meal - fat and protein are your friend - so maybe a handful of olives and a couple of boiled eggs

Post workout should be lean protein and maybe a carby veggie - so some canned tuna packed in water, sliced chicken breast, and then some cubed sweet potato.


THEN have breakfast and continue with the rest of the scheduled eating according to Tom's suggested modifications.


And if you find you are really and truly hungry at any time DO NOT snack on fruit and nuts, and or nut butters.  Instead we highly suggest you snack on any 2 of the macros - so protein, fat, veg.

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The meal planning template specifies a pre-work out meal and a post-workout meal on days that you exercise. In other words, you are supposed to eat 5 meals per day on days that you are training. And, if you have very long days, you may need to eat 4 meals as a matter of routine. On days when I am on the go from 6 AM until 10 PM, I need 4 meals just to stay human. Three meals per day is for people who get 8-9 hours of sleep and time to wind down at the end of the day.

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