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To Potato or Not to Potato


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So on my first Whole30 my mind was super sharp and I had TONS of energy along with building a lot of muscle.


Then I did another Whole30 and was SUPER excited white potatoes were added :D . Well I ate them almost every day with meals and didn't get nearly the same effect. I know only losing 3lbs was because of the white potatoes but I would atleast expect my mind to be just as sharp as on my first Whole30.


Could I possibly have an allergy or intolerance to something in white potatoes? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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 I know only losing 3lbs was because of the white potatoes 


How would you know the white potatoes were a factor in your weight loss being different from one Whole30 to another? People can have different experiences on multiple Whole30's for a variety of reasons.


How much weight did you lose on your first Whole30, and what other non-scale victories did you have? How long ago was that Whole30?  What has your lifestyle been like since?

Mind not being as sharp, again, may have nothing to do with potatoes.

- Did you eat carb-dense vegetables on your first Whole30, and if so, how often?

- How's your sleep? Stress? Exercise routine? Water consumption? Level of responsibilities on your plate?

For what it's worth, losing 3 lbs in 30 days is nothing to sneeze at.  

Why did you decide to take on a Whole30 again? 

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Every Whole30 is different. The first is almost always the most striking, because you change your eating most drastically.


That being said, you may have consumed a lot more carbohydrate on your second W30, and you may do better with slightly less. We are all an experiment of one.


When I look back on my first couple of Whole30s, before white potatoes were allowed, I'm glad that was the case. I'd never have discovered how much I adore rutabagas. And to this day it is rare that I eat potatoes. They're just not that exciting to my palate, and so filling.

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