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BM issues


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Sorry to do this as there have been several posts on this topic (which I've read voraciously), but I'm struggling and would really, really appreciate some help as most the advice I've tried and doesn't seem to be working.


Basically, I made the most awful decision yesterday (so, so much regret right now) to eat non whole30 foods. It wasn't even a screw up, it was a conscious decision; someone I work with invited me to a swish restaurant for drinks and canapés and basically I ate and drank everything. Cocktails, wine, lots of canapes with cheese, wheat, some pulses but not many. I am restarting my whole30, starting tomorrow morning (it's the middle of the night here).


Yesterday was day 21: since day 5 I had been sleeping beautifully after years of being wracked with insomnia, my sinuses and constant colds had cleared up and was generally pretty clear headed. No tiger blood feeling though, and every now and again (days 19 and 20, for example) would get really grumpy in the afternoon, for no discernible reason. Kind of bored of spending so much time cooking  but hey, I can deal, I enjoy cooking. After a brief cold (actual cold I think) on day 12, I've felt mostly fine.


One big problem I did - do - have, is very infrequent bowel movements. Sorry for the tmi, but it's so uncomfortable and I really want to find a solution so here goes: I've a history of inconstancy, shall we say; I am 25 and for the last 5 years have been living in different parts of the world where I always have this issue; I find it easiest to be regular (though still probably 4/5 times a week, rather than every day) when I am at my parents house (e.g., over Christmas); I do quite a bit of sport and run regularly so it's not for lack of exercise; pre whole30 I ate a pretty balanced diet, with few dairy and wheat products because I know they set off my asthma/eczema. Since starting Whole30 on January 1st, I've probably had a total of 3 BMs, getting progressively more pathetic in stature, and haven't managed anything for the past 8 days. Part of my decision to eat/drink everything was the hope - alcohol sometimes has that effect - of simply pushing everything through.


But here I am, having woken up in the middle of the night with my head racing, sneezing, and I can just feel that it's not going to happen today either. So. What can I do? Having scoured these forums (fora? Forae? Latin not my strong suit) I gave up nuts on Day 14,  green tea shortly after. I added flax seeds into my breakfast each day. I tried giving up coffee but as that has often had the side effect of making me go, every 3 days or so I'd try it again to see if it worked (it didn't). I bought digestive enzymes on day 16 and have been taking them religiously with each meal. Day 18 I was so fed up, I took a laxative, and still nothing. Really don't know what to do here.


Typical day food:


Breakfast: two egg omelette with sautéed peppers, courgette, onion, sometimes broccoli, flax seeds cooked in olive oil. If playing hockey later then a sweet potato, baked.


Lunch: Inevitably some kind of salad that I can take to work: yesterday was half a butternut squash, half an avocado, cherry tomatoes, a steak, spinach and other leaves, peppers. Quite often it's chicken breast and guacamole (at least half an avo), leaves, tomatoes, peppers, courgette. Day before was ratatouille (aubergine, courgette, peppers, broccoli +chopped tomatoes and herbs) with poached salmon fillet (large).


Dinner: grilled aubergine with stir fried ground beef with onions, tomatoes, garlic, carrots, kale, roasted cauliflower. Or a huge stir fry of every vegetable I can find with salmon. Quite often I add a potato or a sweet potato here, my flatmates think I eat crazy huge portions. If I'm eating before a game I really do, probably twice what they eat in volume. Plate piled HIGH.



So, I know we're not supposed to but I did weigh myself after training on Tuesday, and haven't lost any weight at all, but that's to be expected as nothing is coming out of me. Any advice? In terms of adding more foods, I can try but also I live in Hong Kong where food is really expensive (like, £2.50 for 2 parsnips kinda thing) so it's difficult getting in other foods without totally blowing my budget. I did a massive chicken soup the other day which was amazing and lasted 4 meals.



All advice welcomed as am slightly at a loss!



** Edit: sorry, forgot to say, I drink A LOT of water. I refill my mug at least 8 times at work, have a mug of hot water when I first wake up, drink a bottle around 750ml in the evening for running and dinner. Constantly peeing during the day! Also sometimes have to wake up in the night to go which is irritating for my new found whole30 sleep.

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You should probably see a doctor, GB512.  Not going in 8 days could end up with you having a blockage/impaction.


You could try a magnesium supplement as magensium has the benefit of drawing water into your bowels which will help with movement. 

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Given what you report eating and drinking, you should be having regular bowel movements. I second the recommendation to see a doctor. I wonder if some medication or supplement you are taking is having a bad effect. 


Magnesium citrate draws water into the bowels and helps you go. I stopped taking magnesium citrate for that reason and switched to magnesium aspartate to slow things down. :) 

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Simple and proven:  apple juice


I know they frown upon juice with WH30, but if you get 100% pure just plain apple juice with nothing else added at all, you are still compliant.  I only drink it when I need to drano the pipes, so to speak.  

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