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Not seeing or feeling results on Day 21

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I'm getting very discouraged on Day 21 as I'm not seeing or feeling any results. This is my first Whole30, and my diet before this was very much the Standard American Diet - I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted (tons of sugar, not much dairy), so I was hoping for some noticeable changes. I'm 23, 180lbs, and have had hypothyroidism for ten years (I take 175 mcg of levothyroxine daily). I do Crossfit three times per week. Below are examples of what I've eaten for the past three days and the symptoms I'm experiencing. 


B: coffee, 2 fried eggs, pulled pork, banana

L: salmon, almonds, carrots, green beans, applesauce 

D: pulled pork, sweet potato with cinnamon & ghee


B: coffee, 2 fried eggs, banana, GT Dave's Kombucha

L: salmon, roasted white potatoes, almonds, applesauce, carrots, guacamole 

D: cauliflower chicken soup, plantain chips


B: coffee, 2 fried eggs, spinach, pomegranate seeds, olives, GT Dave's Kombucha

L: pulled pork, roasted white potatoes, green beans, carrots, banana, olives 

D: hard-boiled egg, sweet potato with cinnamon & ghee, chicken burger with primal kitchen mayo & a tomato, applesauce 


- I'm not sleeping any better or worse; I get roughly 7.5-8 hours of sleep, usually wake up once during the night, and feel exhausted when waking in the morning. On two occasions, I've taken ~1.5 tsp of Natural Calm magnesium but felt no effect. 

- I have not weighed myself, but my clothes are not fitting any differently.

- My workouts have remained the same, and I'm still very sore afterward. 

- Perhaps my most annoying symptom is that I very frequently feel bloated after eating. It was especially bad after cruciferous vegetables (realized I definitely cannot eat raw broccoli and even cooked cauliflower doesn't sit well), so I've cut those out. I stopped eating Larabars because I didn't know if the cashews or dates were causing my bloat. But even after a meal that doesn't contain those foods, I feel that my food isn't digesting well. I'm now wondering if FODMAPs could be an issue. 


I have stayed 100% compliant up until now and and definitely plan to continue to for the remaining 9 days. However, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on what I could be doing differently or what could be contributing to some of my symptoms. Thank you!!

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Firstly I'd give you a gentle reminder that this is a 30 day program not 21, and many people who come here with existing medical conditions such as yourself often don't see any of the magic until the final days when they take the decision to extend their commitment further in order to see continued improvement.

If you've noticed issues with cruciferous veg then it's definitely best to cut those out as they can be very problematic, especially when eaten raw. FODMAPs can also cause similar symptoms and you are eating quite a few of the culprits throughout the day - banana, almonds, applesauce, sweet potatoes, guacamole, cauliflower etc. If you are sensitive to these it is no small wonder that you are feeling miserable (believe me, I know).

The larabars that you have now cut out would have served only to impact your blood sugar and keep you burning sugar rather than fat so it's good that those are now gone - there is good reason that these are emergency foods only. Nuts are also notoriously hard on the digestive system and you are eating them daily - cutting back on these would most likely also give improvement (even if you are not sensitive to FODMAPs)

Your breakfast also contains no vegetables. Fruit should never push the veg off of your plate - particularly in the morning when you have fasted overnight and more liable to insulin spikes when eating fruit, causing faux hunger, lack of focus, fatigue etc... if you choose to eat fruit save it for later in the day.


You say your work-outs are no different, and that you are still sore - are you including a pre and/or postWO?

My suggestion would be to stick with the programme, cutting out high FODMAP foods (this is a great list for reference (about half way down the page) - stick to items in the green section), keeping the larabars well out of arm's reach, and continuing with the magnesium on a regular basis so that you start to see the benefits of it & see how you go from there.

I guarantee it will get better.


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I am concerned that you are not eating enough. You report few hints of portion sizes, but the hints I see suggest you are under-eating. When you do not get enough nourishment, your metabolism slows and you stay tired. You report doing Crossfit 3 times per week, but offer no report of pre and post-workout meals. I assume you are not eating them because many people assume they can combine their three main meals with what we recommend eating around workouts, but it does not work that way. If you are not eating extra food around workouts, you are not getting enough nourishment. 


Eliminate nuts, eliminate broccoli and cauliflower, eat more veggies, eat lean protein and a starchy veggie immediately after working out. Never eat less than what is specified in the meal planning template. 


How much to eat
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