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Starting February 1st!


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Just got the books, I've got some reading to do!  I've set my start date for 2/1.


I need to do this for me!  I just turned 46 and am at the highest weight of my life. Always tired, skin and joint issues, always feeling bloated.  I'm 5'4" and weigh 183.  The hardest thing for me just might be not stepping on the scale for 30 days! It's a bit of an obsession.


My goals for my first Whole30: 

  • Get rid of bad habits
  • Break my sugar/carb/scale addiction
  • Break my full sugar soda habit
  • Learn to love clean eating
  • Get on the right track towards a healthier me
  • Get started on the path towards weight loss
  • Cook more!  Eat out less!

Omg! I thought this was about me! So nice to see others going through this that are similar to my circumstances! Let's do this!

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So tired of losing and gaining. So tired of spending money on every new trend. The science of Whole 30 just makes so much SENSE! I'm 47, 5' 5", and 180lbs. I am TIRED of feeling bloated, mentally foggy, achy joints and muscles and hopeless. If this 30 days really works, I will be singing its praises from the roof tops! Please friend me as I can use the motivation and accountability!

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Starting February 1st!  I've never done this before.  I'm at the weight I want so my goals are to be healthier, gain more energy and get my anxiety disorder and depression under control.  I know Whole30 isn't going to be a magic bullet but hoping that along with all my other efforts it will help.  I've read stories of how it's helped others in similar ways.  I figure I can do anything for 30 days and it's not likely to make me feel worse.

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I'll be starting Feb 1. My wife and roommate and my wife's parents are all joining us. My cabinets and fridge are clear of non whole 30 foods. I have the day off tomorrow to prepare foods for the week.  I'm vegetarian and the others doing this with me are not. I'm going to try to use only eggs, yogurt and kefir as my only sources of protein. If I can't make it with that, I'll soak some lentils and add them in.

I'm 38 and an athlete. I've now reach my highest weight of my life, 160, and I'm only 5 feet tall. I recently had lab work done and learned that I'm following all of the women in my family and have developed a Thyroid deficiency. I'm doing this because I want to see if I can help my thyroid without having to take medication. I have not yet developed any diabetic symptoms but I also have a STRONG family history of it that I'd like to avoid. I'm also hoping that by eating cleanly I can drop some of this extra weight and have more energy in the sports I do.


Here we go!!

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About 10 days ago, a coworker asked if I had hear about the Whole30 program.  I told him no but that I would look into it.  He's into fitness.  I'm into fitness - I figured he knew what he was talking about.  I looked up the website and downloaded the Whole30 book.  I had spoken with my sister about eating paleo for years however I believed I was fine.  I had lost 80 pounds just watching what I ate and working out.  I watched my macros, drank protein shakes and was not afraid of carbs.  


Through my job, I was given a free blood test each year.  Through these blood tests, I was able to see a trend in one certain area: my thyroid.  My TSH began to go UP as my weight went down.  What happened?  I still haven't found the answer and now I'm struggling with my weight again.  Before really looking at my blood tests, I figured the weight gain was related to being in a new relationship and some other stressors in my life (mother passing away, receiving a promotion, changing job positions, etc).  So I decided to buckle down on my calories, be true to myself and do what I did when I initially lost weight.  For a month I killed it at the gym(ish) and watched what I ate.  I didn't lose a pound.  I gained one.  So I finally decided to see a doctor.


After a new blood test showing my TSH at a 41, she suggested I start a thyroid medication.  I asked for an NDT (Nature-throid) instead of synthroid.  I've been on Nature-throid for 10 weeks now. 



  • I'm warmer - no longer shivering in restaurants with a shirt, sweater AND coat on.  In fact, I'm running a little hot!
  • My digestive system seems a bit better.
  • My joints don't hurt after working out as much.
  • I'm less irritable overall.


  • I've gained some more weight.  
  • My throat hurt and felt swollen until I gave up tea.   <_< (This makes me sad, I LOVE iced tea!)

After doing some major research (eg: Google, lol), people with the autoimmune version of hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's) do well on paleo diets (and I understand why).  


I'm excited to start my Whole30 tomorrow (February 1, 2016) and am hopeful it will help me figure out this thyroid issue.  I'm certainly frustrated with my weight.  I worked hard to lose it and lose it the right way.  I shouldn't being experiencing a weight issue with the way I work out and the way I eat.  I know this program isn't for weight loss but I'm sure hoping it's a nice by-product.  Do I expect any issues?  No.  I'm not a sugar person.  Don't get me wrong, I love cookies and cakes but I don't fantasize about them and I'm able to walk past them in the grocery store without a second thought.  I am most definitely a salt girl.  I have been snacking on Simple Pop Popcorn for the last few months as my go-to guilt-free snack.  I might miss it a little bit.   I haven't drank pop in 4+ years and I don't drink coffee (or tea anymore) so I'm also not worried about caffeine.  I'm a bit more concerned with the butter.  I love sauteing vegetables in butter.  And of course cheese.  But I think butter will be my Achilles heel.  I did buy some ghee today so we'll see how that goes.  


The weekly grocery shopping is done.  I've planned out all meals for the next week.  While my husband is supportive of my experiment, I'm not sure he's going to be too pleased with some of the meals.  So I've made sure to choose meals he might like as well.  It helps that he's a major meat eater.  Now he's just going to have to try vegetables other than potatoes, lol!  He has taken my "before" pictures (oh gawd!) and I've deleted my "My Fitness Pal" app (4 years of data!).


I'm hoping to:

  • Make my joint pain disappear completely after working out
  • Reset my metabolism
  • Up my libido
  • Create a normal digestive system
  • Lose some weight
  • Lessen some anxiety
  • Remove the guilty feeling from eating food

Here's to February.  It's going to be perfect.  I'm on night shift in February so that means no breakfast with the crew (yay!).  My husband will be out of town for Valentine's Day so I don't have to worry about going out to eat and our anniversary is shortly after.  We've already decided instead of dinner, we're going to the indoor trampoline gym.  My only problem might be February 29 and March 1.  I will be out-of-state in a hotel for a week.  Hopefully by then, everything will just be second nature.  I'm glad I'm finally starting - I hope everyone succeeds too.   :)

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I'm also starting on February 1st, today!  This will be my 4th attempt. I did 2 successfully a couple of years ago, then a partial a while back.


Also at a very heavy point for me. 40 years old, 5'4", 178 pounds. 


Main goals are:

* Kick start a full diet change to Paleo.  I did Paleo for about a year in 2012 and was at a great weight and feeling great!

* Kick my daily alcohol habit

* See some improvement in my cholesterol numbers


Good luck everyone! 

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I am not quite sure how to actually do all this tech stuff. But I will give it a whirl. My husband and I are starting this journey together - thank god - as I couldn't carry all the bags of trash or donations to the food shelf by myself. What an exhausting day yesterday was with the prepare the kitchen and pantry. 7 bags out. Cleaned everything to while it was empty. We are committed to doing this and are hopeful it helps out with our various health issues. I am fearful of the sugar dragons fire but excited to be doing something proactive towards good health. We are going to take it day by day, while weight loss will be appreciated, We realize we did not put on this weight overnight, and it won't come off overnight. Unless someone has that magic pill discovered. Personally I look forward to the day when you go into your health clinic and they run a body scan and "fix" everything that is wrong with you, like they do on Star Trek...in the meantime it's up to me (us) to do what we can to help our bodies work better. Every little bit helps. 

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I am also starting my Whole30 today!  Prep went well yesterday, breakfast was delicious so off to a great start.


I generally eat Paleo-ish and I did a similar process last year in March, but it was not as detailed as the Whole30 so I am looking forward to seeing and feeling the changes as I reset my system and learn more about how different foods affect me. 

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Hi new friends! I'm starting my first Whole 30 today too.


I'm coming to whole 30 per my doctors recommendation as I venture coming off my medications after 13 years of unruly hormone levels that refused to be tamed by modern medicine. I'm hoping my 29 year old body will respond with more maturity than my 16 year old one! Right now I struggle on a daily basis with adhd, insomnia, fatigue, continuous headaches, eczema, and feeling like my brain is foggy.  My hope is that by being more aware of the things I'm putting into my body I will be able to narrow in on where these symptoms are coming from.  I just want to feel better, y'all.  Also I am really hoping to finally learn how to cook!! All this to say, on day one I'm feeling all the feels; excited, nervous, tired, unprepared, unconfident, hopeful. My only goal is to make it through all 30 days of the program and I am just so very glad that I'm not doing this alone.  


WE can do this y'all! 



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Started my first Whole30 today as well!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!


I have been in a funk the last year and just have had no motivation to make the changes I know I need to make in order to live a long and happy life. I have no excuses either; I have degrees in health and I work in healthcare. I have had a hard time adjusting to some new moves in my life and I realize now that I have been dealing with the issues with food and beer (I love craft beer).


When I was in my 20s and even early 30s, I had no weight issues at all. I will be 38 in March and I am the heaviest I have ever been. I do NOT want to enter my 40s unhealthy, unmotivated, and out of shape. I know what I SHOULD be doing, I just did not have the drive to make it happen.


I've never even done a "diet" before. But that is why Whole30 intrigued me. It is nutrionally and scientifually sound and it presents a challenge in an experimental way. I am entering this Whole30 looking at it like a challenge and my own experiment to re-discover the body I have unfortuntaely forgotten the past several years.


Very excited about this new journey and cannot wait to hear how everyone is successful. More importantly, I am excited about life after this Whole30 and what it will bring.


Here's to February!!! :D




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Today is day 1 for me. This is my first time doing Whole 30. I lost 75 pounds on Ideal Protein 2 years ago, and have gained it all back. I want to try Whole 30 because it seems like it adapts to a diet I can stick with for life and stop the yo-yo weight loss for life.  I am jumping in with little prep, but I do not want to wait another day to feel better. I have not stepped on a scale for a year, but I know I am at my heaviest weight. I have skin issues, joint soreness, and no energy. I plan to go home tonight an create a "No-fly zone" for my kids snacks. And clean up everything else. My husband is on board, at least I know he will be when he is at home and around me.


Need lots of support. What's the best way? Is there a facebook group just for February people?


I am SOOOO ready to feel better. How's day one for everyone?


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I am starting my first whole 30 today and am doing it with my mom who is on her second. She had been trying to convince me to try it for myself and finally I have decided to start.


I requested to join the FB group. So happy that I will be starting with so many supportive people. I'm hoping that I will finally figure out what has been triggering my eczema. Losing a little bit of weight would be nice, but isn't necessary. I took the batteries out of my scale since I do tend to weigh myself every single morning.


Good Luck!

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Hi fellow February 1st Starters!


I was very, very happy with how I felt, and what I discovered about my body and what I eat, when I did the Whole 30 over a year ago now. In fact, my whole became a whole "90". A lot of the fundamentals of whole 30 are still a part of how I eat now. But over time, holidays, and traveling, I'm needing to eliminate those inflammatory foods again. I see such an amazing difference in my energy, my sleep, I'm leaner all over, my allergies improve, and minor aches and pains happily vanish with the whole 30 and Whole 9 lifestyle. This forum was a great support through my first 30 days. It feels good to join the journey with other fellow whole 30ers....so thanks ahead of time for sharing the next 30 days with me...here's to our optimal health and wellbeing! SandyEG

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Another 2/1/16 person here!


I've been looking at Paleo for a bit to help with some health issues and thought the Whole30 would be a good start to that.  I deal with inflammation (general-no specific issue yet) and I am feeling a lot of brain fog and join pain lately.  I know it's food driven and Diet Coke driven.  My plan is to figure out for certain what foods I have issues with and stay on a Paleo diet at the end of this. 


I'm so glad to find out there is a place for support because i have a hunch I'll need it from time to time!


Minnie :P 

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Hi! I just started today too! Very excited, lots of preparation yesterday because my week is so busy. 


I have only Friday of this week that I can cook fresh, so I tried to prepare about 8 meals in advance. Hoping on Wednesday I can do some sort of slow cooker meal. 


I cooked the spinach fritatta that said "Serves 2" for the breakfast this morning and BOY is it HUGE. So I only ate a quarter of it and only half an avocado and a banana. I hope thats ok...


Any suggestions for a good slow cooker chicken dish? 




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I am starting today as well. So far so good.  I did lots of prep yesterday so was able to start the program without a lot of effort this morning.  I am also starting my training for a half marathon today - I may have to reassess later in the week we shall see.

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I'll be starting today for another round of whole30! 


I did one Jan1-Jan 30th. Jan 31st - didn't really eat anything off plan, just more fruit and almond butter than usual, now back at it. I prefer to keep it in 30 day chunks than say "Whole60"


I'm 27, female, 5'7" and 143#. (I started my Jan Whole30 at 150#)


I was exhausted this morning and had to drag myself out of bed. I'm hoping coming from a whole30 right into this one I will find and keep my tiger blood! My goals are also :

  • Back Squat PR (more than 125#)
  • 1 mile run 2016 PR (Faster than 7'16")
  • Distance running 2016 PR (More than 5 miles)
  • Do a handstand Every. Single. Day of this Whole30
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I am starting today as well. So far so good.  I did lots of prep yesterday so was able to start the program without a lot of effort this morning.  I am also starting my training for a half marathon today - I may have to reassess later in the week we shall see.


Don't get discouraged if your runs feel harder than they should in the first week or two! I have done a whole30 while training for 1/2 and full marathons and while your body adjusts from burning carbs to burning fat, the runs can be very very discouraging. I would get lead legs dragging through mud! But get through it and by the end runs are better and recovery is  faster! 


Good luck on your training :) 

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Today is my day 1!  I am excited and scared.  My food habits are not good.  Not.  Good.  

I bought the Whole30 book a couple of weeks ago, and have been reading some of it daily.  I did a lot of prep yesterday.  So far today the food has been satisfying.

I am a runner and I love running half marathons.  I really feel like with all the training I do I should be eating right.  I also feel terrible about the foods I have been feeding my kid.  

So!  This is how I plan to turn all of that around!

I know myself well enough to know that I will need support.  I have a small network (3 people) ready, I have subscribed to the 32 days of emails and this is my introduction post. We can do this.  I know it. 


I am curios to know how the rest of this week will feel.  

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