New, any more older people doing this?


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On Sept 1 I started following Robb Wolf's plan. Fell of spectacularly with ice-cream which I have not had for 2 years!

Sept 21 Had read heaps of info on this site, so jumped aboard.

I need to lose tons of weight (you name a diet and I have done it), but I need to remain healthy as age is no friend.

Being brought up during and after WWII, and coming from a farming area of England have always appreicated fresh foods and food in season, but travelling the world whilst married I allowed various processed foods to sneek into my diet. Now is the time to clean up. For the past 5 years I have only purchased free range chicken, kangaroo and pork, not easy to find free range beef or lamb. I try to grow my own summer veggies, but also have access to a market that sells locally grown produce, in season. I also buy free range eggs.

I am finding that this way of eating (with no bought or made cakes, biscuits etc., is reminding me of my childhood when sugar was rationed, along with many other foods, and I am feeling great and starting to drop some weight.

I now live in Perth, Western Australia.

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Hi all,

Just checking i. I started on Sept 15th and am now on day 11. What a fantastic way to eat. I have Arthritis just about everywhere, high B/P, high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, a slowly collapsing spine, and am unable to stand for very long at one time. I have been on every diet in the world, or at least all that I have heard about, the most recent one was Atkins. But when I started W30 you should see all the Atkins snack bard and baking mix I had to give away. At least they went to a good home. I love eating this way and only wish I had started 50 years ago.

I love reading everyone's story and finding new recipes. I found a recipe for Paleo Granola. It is SO GOOD. I'll post the recipe in the recipe thread. Be sue to try it. Easy, very tasty and filling. And totally compliant. What more can you ask? !

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Great to see others are 'seeing the light'. I love this way of eating, and like you Nancy, I have cleared heaps of non Paleo foods out of the cupboard and my neighbours are all smiling. I have started a log book today too!!!
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