Do I need to start over?


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On D2 I accidentally had a spice seasoning my grilled chicken with sugar as an ingredient. My husband prepared it. He said he checked but apparently not carefully enough. I decided not to start over since it was such a small amount, it was an honest mistake, etc.


Now here I am on D4, and another mistake. At a party I mindlessly grabbed and ate about 5-6 peanuts before remembering they are not part of the program.


Are these sort of slip ups normal? I'm trying so hard to be careful, and I'm determined to do better. Should I start over or keep going?

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Somepeople make slip ups, some don't - the key is in being mindful about everything you put in your mouth, and really thinking about why you are eating.

Unfortunately legumes are a known gut disruptor, and peanuts one of the top allergens in the western world, so if it were me I'd be starting over.

Of course, you could add some days on to the end before you start the reintroduction process - particularly of legumes - and make it a whole35 - I like round numbers  ;) 

That said you get to decide - have a read at >this article< and  let us know your plan of action for going forward...

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aaaaargh.  found out that my wife, who is not as serious about the minutiae, uses Spike to season our tuna salad.  Spike has no sugar but one ingredient is soy/soy I starting over????

Soy is a pretty big gut disruptor. Read the article linked in jmcbn's post above and decide what to do.

Then maybe think about prepping your own food: too many people have needed to restart in the past due to delegating food prep to someone else.

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