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Kelsie's Whole 30: September 24th Start-date


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After eating a LOT of ice cream tonight, enough is enough! I did a Whole 30 in August, and felt AMAZING! After the calendar turned to September, I kept going for a few more days, then told myself I could have a portion of my favorite ice cream. A portion turned into the entire pint, and I have been binging on and off ever since. The sugar dragon needs to disappear, for good this time... Maybe a W45 or W60 is in order, I'll have to wait and see how things go. Fall has traditionally been a bad season for me as far as weight gain (and seasonal affective disorder), so doing another Whole 30 will hopefully break this pattern. Hopefully, with junk food out of the picture this fall, I can really work to nurture myself with plenty of sunlight (or artificial sunlight), exercise, supplements, meditation, and sleep.


Sticking to the Whole 30 guidelines might not be enough. I really want to eliminate binging in general, so for me, that means three meals a day, no more and no less. Also, fruit and nuts are off the table this time around. While I was happy to be binging on fruit and not french fries my on first round, eliminating fruit will help to slay that sugar dragon. I am very active with CrossFit, so I'll go with sweet potatoes to give me any extra fuel I might need.

Time for some NatureCalm, a bit more homework, and then bed!

See you tomorrow!

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Thank you all for the encouragement, and good luck to you too, Melissak! How did your day go?

Day 1:

Woke up this morning for dryland training for skiing, and I still felt gross from all that ice cream last night. Ugh. I put so much time and energy into working out and getting strong, and binging counteracts all my efforts.



2 eggs

about a 1/2 a cup of mushrooms and 1/2 a small onion cooked in Ghee

1/2 of a medium tomato

I ate this sitting down at a table! Yay for silly small victories! Usually I eat standing up in my kitchen.... I wasn't super hungry, but it felt good to get some quality food into my system.


About 5oz of pork chop

1/2 an avocado

1/2 a tomato


I probably should have eaten more at lunch, because I was starving at dinner!

2 cups-ish of spinach

5ish oz of taco ground beef (cooked with coconut oil, onion, and mushroom)

Guac (about 3 tablespoons)

Sweet potato and ghee

Lavender Kombucha (my favorite!)

A few tablespoons of coconut butter

Looking back, and feeling how full I am now, I probably could have eaten less, but I'm just happy to be eating quality food (so I'm not going to worry too much).

Non-Food loveliness

-Supplements with dinner (50g zinc, fish oil, 4,000 iu Vit D, Super Enzymes, Vitamin B )

I was so tired today! I literally haven't felt this terrible in a long time. Dinner helped wake me up a little, but I'm going to try and make it an early night. Homework for a few hours, and then some NatureCalm and sleep, sleep, sleep.

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Successful Day 2!


Ground beef with an egg on top

Red pepper


Red pepper

About 4oz ish of porkchops

1/2 an avocado


3/4 of a giant sweet potato with ghee

6oz of ground beef (with a tiny bit of guac on top)

Broccoli sautéed with coconut oil and then some broth thrown in (I'm not sure if my stomach is super happy with this...)

Lavender Kombucha (yum!)

I was going to eat some coconut butter, but decided against it... I want to break that desert habit!

CrossFit today:

I'm only a few months into CrossFit. We did some heavy deadlifts today, and they make me pretty nervous. I hurt myself earlier this summer with improper form, and can still feel my back being twinge-y (I'm actually going to a chiropractor this week to see what is up with this...)

Same supplements as last night, and same plan as last night too... Hw, some NatureCalm, and then bed.


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Day 3: Another day in the bag!


2 turkey sausages

2 eggs

Coffee (I got hooked on Iced Americanos this summer at Starbucks! Venti please!)


2 turkey sausages

1/2 avocado




2 turkey sausages (notice a trend here?)

Onions and pepper with ghee

Small bit of sweet potato with ghee

A lot of coconut butter

Ugh, major sugar (or hunger?) cravings right now. I did a double session of CrossFit tonight, and I'm going to blame it on that... Extending my dinner and munching on a bit more coconut as I type this. I probably should be eating more veggies too... I'm gonna make myself a giant salad tomorrow! (edit... not sure what I was thinking... coconut is totally a fruit and , even though it is a delicious source of fat, I'm cutting out all fruits for this whole 30.... gahhh, oh well!)

Feeling pretty good so far, though. I slept super well last night, and actually woke up before my alarm. I upped my vitamin D, so maybe that is helping too.

Plan for the night

Supplements, shower, struggle with a paper, and then SLEEP! (I live SUCH an exciting life...)

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Oops! I didn't post for Day 4, but it went well.

Day 5 (today), was ok too, except I think I might need to cut back on the sweet potatoes. I know this is not about weight loss at all, but, I can't help thinking how much more I might lose if I focus on non-starchies... I cut out fruit, but I feel like sweet potatoes are taking their place.

Ran at the gym.

Took all my supplements.

Dealing with sugar cravings right now (what I wouldn't do for some Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato right now....mmmmmmm)....


I'm going to sleep soon, and I'll be up early tomorrow for some CrossFit action!

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So, where are we now? Day 6 and day 7 went well, and today was Day 8...

Today? Not so great. Derval, I totally thought I could exercise on a lower carb diet, but alas, cutting back on the sweet potatoes did not help one little bit. Today, I didn't have time to eat a proper lunch, so I came home for dinner STARVING... and nothing I made could satisfy me (even some sweet potato!). At the grocery store, I broke down and bought some fruit and some nuts. And then. (dun dun dun). I ate some.

Not the end of the world, but I totally broke my goals for my Whole30 this time around, regarding both snacking and fruit/nuts...

I guess it was better to break down and eat some fruit than to totally jump ship and eat some ice cream, and I'm glad that I did. With the fruit, I don't feel deprived. This past week, I've felt like I'm on some crazy fad diet, which has never been the case with Paleo before (well, I have had issues with intermittent fasting, but that is another story).

My problem is binging not fruit, and though I sometimes binge on fruit, I don't always (as opposed to how I always overeat ice cream).

Goals for the rest of my Whole30?

3 meals a day with the portions laid out in ISWF.

Which I can totally do if I'm not feeling deprived and weak.

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You know doing a W30 is a challenge in itself, you don't need to add lots of extra rules of your own to make it ever harder and end up feeling deprived?

Maybe buy your fruit & nuts singly so there just isn't an option to eat too much?

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I'm back!

Today was Day 1 of my restart, and I am ready to do this.

I don't feel like posting all my food tonight, but it was a successful day! Some yummy foods include macadamia nuts, and an awesome porkchop from my local butcher. Overall, three good meals and a snack. I worked out hard today too, and I felt really strong.

I'm keeping the fruits and nuts this time around :)

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Day 2

Yay for Day 2! I ate all Whole30 food, and I'm not going to worry about the fact that I ate a LOT.

I took all my supplements. I'm trying out the fish oil that Melissa and Dallas recommend, and it's great so far! It doesn't taste like fish oil at all!

Thanks for the encouragement too, Natalie!

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