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Really struggling with food amounts

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I NEVER post to message boards so being here is evidence that I believe in the program and the moderators that run these very helpful posts. I have read a lot of posts about aspects of my concerns and challenges, and found lots of great advice on other topics. I hope someone can help with this one and apologize in advance for its length.


I am on Day 21 of my first W30. Within week one, I noticed an exciting & amazing reduction in the GI symptoms that brought me to this program--reduced bloating and distention and almost no stomach cramps or "burning" nausea that had ruled my life for months.


I happily have stuck to my program and am even seeing big changes, for instance, I am actually hungry for breakfast for the first time in a decade (not within an hour of rising but at least I am getting hungry in the mornings and able to eat quality foods). So, I am seeing positive results, but after learning to eat three healthy, whole meals a day, limiting snacks, and limiting foods I can now see are troublesome for me such as nuts and dried fruit, I am feeling more miserable physically than I have since before the W30 began. 


For the last week I have been constipated, bloated, and battling cravings--far, far worse than in the early weeks which were surprisingly less miserable than I expected.  Earlier this week I learned a lot about the dangers of skipping lunch and eating grapes as a snack late in the afternoon (I could NOT stop munching after dinner) and haven't been able to come to equilibrium again since.


I find that if I eat a meal, I am stuffed full, but if I don't finish it I will be hungry in two hours or less which is supposed to mean I need to eat more at meals. Last night I ate what seemed like a reasonable sized dinner, but felt stuffed to distraction afterwards, and then spent the evening battling cravings--mostly for nuts but really just to chew. I finally allowed myself a green apple (although realized afterwards that I could have easily eaten only half but finished the whole thing).


I feel like there is a compulsive piece to this as well as a rational concern about hunger in between meals driving this overeating. Should I plan to eat less at meal time and either save the leftovers for a couple hours later or plan other snacks for late morning and late afternoon? The following is what I have eaten the last couple days--I have been avoiding nuts and nut butters which I really overdid early in the week, avoiding dried fruits to battle the sugar dragon, and trying to eat only small amounts of fresh fruit with meals. (All ingredients and foods W30 compliant.)


M1: egg salad (3), smoked salmon, leftover green beans

Had to have a snack: Olives

M2: beef chili on a bed of spinach, 1/2 avocado, two mandarins

M3: Roasted sweet potato, mayo-baked salmon, green beans with butter, avocado & tomato salad


M1: 3 poached eggs on bed spinach, salsa, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 apple

M2: tuna nicoise salad: romaine, green beans, avocado, tuna canned in olive oil, red pepper, ranch dressing

M3: beef burger, black olive and avocado tapenade (heavy on olive oil), roasted brussels sprouts, onions, and new potatoes

Had to have a snack even though stomach full: green apple 


I have been drinking a lot of water and herbal teas, taking Miralax daily for the last three days, and while I am feeling some relief this morning from the constipation, there is no way I have eliminated all that I have ingested in the last 4-5 days so I am not feeling normal. Thanks for your advice!!

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Okeedokee, thanks for reaching out! The first thing that comes to mind is your comment in your menu "Had to have a snack". This was a psychological "urge" to eat soemthing despite having eaten a proper dinner. Your best bet here is to distract yourself or even just to let yourself feel uncomfortable. I have had similar feelings in the last few weeks and it is uncomfortable and eating something would make it pass....but it's one of those things you just have to power through.

As far as your food, please confirm that your "green beans with butter" were actually with ghee or clarified butter as regular butter is not permitted.

How does this menu you posted differ from what you were eating in the first couple weeks? You're pretty light on veggies beyond green beans and salad greens. You really should be having about 3 cups of cooked veggies with every meal. Make sure you get those first and then have the fruits if you are still hungry. Salad greens including spinach don't amount to much once cooked or chewed, you'd need a bucket load of them to get enough. The veggies are also what will help your bowel movements, you need that bulk to form proper stools.

You can also try taking a magnesium supplement (plain natural calm or a magnesium citrate). Our soils are so depleted of magnesium that most people are deficient and magnesium is not something your body can create from other compounds. Being magnesium deficient can impact bowel movements and sleep. The magnesium will help draw water into your bowels and is great for sleep so do seek that out and see how you do.

Keep us posted!

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Thank you for replying so quickly. Yes, any butter I use is clarified and any mayo or sauces are homemade and W30-compliant.


I think your comment about the veggies really resonates; I feel like I am eating so much more greens and veggies than I used to, but I can see when I write it down and you respond accordingly, that I am not eating enough veggies overall. In the time since I posted I stumbled on a link about Natural Calm and will definitely try that too.


I am about to write my weekly shopping list and will plan to greatly increase my veggie intake. Until the W30 I had grown accustomed to a life of two smallish meals a day and tons of snacks so I think I was so worried about hunger between meals that I focused on incorporating the protein and healthy fats for satiety but let the veggies get short shrift. BTW, it was a revelation and a revolution to allow myself a half or even full avocado in one sitting. I do love this program and so want to heal my body. 

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I take magnesium everyday.  I also sprinkle about a tablespoon of a flaxseed/chia combo on my kale Caesar salad either at dinner or lunch. I think this helps my digestive track, (so does the coffee in the am...I drink it black now).  I still have trouble sleeping.   

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