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Day 19, things are good. leftovers for breakfast, roast chicken with sweet potatoes and brussels for lunch, meatballs for dinner (I had to run, I will eat another sweet potato later) snacked some dried prunes and pecans. I know, I know, the snacks. But I am pregnant after all.

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Day 25! holy moly!


Things are going well. Breakfast was pretty grab n go today, I had compliant ham with an apple, almoond butter and some cucumbers and tomatoes. Not sure what i'll have for lunch, and dinner is paleo sloppy joes over roasted potatoes and zoodles.


I am starting to think about reintroduction. I think I will try a regular cappuccino first. I miss my dairy.

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ok, today is the day. Day 30. I can't believe it.


It's become my everyday life, I hardly think about it anymore. Here are some thoughts:


  • 30 days is a long time. I really feel like I have made some lasting changes, instead of just "muscling through"
  • I enjoy eating delicious food and healthy fats, and don't miss most things.
  • I still have a hard time not snacking, but perhaps because I am pregnant, Working on this
  • Since I am pregnant, I am obviously not expecting a big weight loss, but I feel so much better in my own skin
  • I hope to continue eating this way, with some of the pressure off for eating out and special events. I hope to really enjoy my indulgences and be more aware how they affect me
  • I love spending more time planning and cooking my meals. I deserve it.
  • I am amazed how almost no one in my life noticed that anything was different. Not so much social pressure after all

I will check in tomorrow with scale and non scale victories!



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