Whole 30 vs Whole 60 - what to expect?


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Hey all,


So today is day 1 of what I hope will be a Whole 60.  I've done two past Whole 30's - the first one I ended up doing something a bit more like a Whole 40 because I messed up and had to restart but I saw much better results that time around so I'm thinking that my system might need a bit longer to really do well with the changes.  I'm still deciding whether to do a Whole 45 or a Whole 60 but I'm wondering what to expect.  I reference the symptoms timeline frequently so that I can know if what I'm feeling is normal or not and so I can plan around various expected symptoms etc.  My question is for all those Whole 60ers (or more) out there - What is the next 30 days like? Do you just continue feeling great and high energy or do you go through more symptoms? Is the biggest challenge just not getting bored with the food?


Thanks for any insights you can offer! I'm worried about how hard this might be because unlike other times, I'm doing this on my own this time.  So I want to make sure I'm mentally prepared for whats coming up so that I can be successful.


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There is no timeline for past the 30 days as the program is written for 30 days plus the reintro.  There are generally no more impactful symptoms physically unless you come from a very unhealthy and hormonally deranged place and then your own timeline may be extended... it sounds like you're already familiar with the timeline and you got to Day 40 once already... it's basically just like that only longer.

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