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Day 13 and feeling discouraged


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This is my second whole 30, but its been 3 years since my last one so my memory of the first one is fuzzy!


However, this time around, it feels more difficult. I am on day 13 and I am feeling "heavier" and I was not looking to lose weight on the whole 30, but I definitely wasn't looking to gain! I am also more aggravated and emotional. That is something that is usually corrected by the high protein and higher fat of the "clean" whole 30 (I eat 80/20 paleo normally). But I feel extra aggravated by little annoyances and my poor husband. 


I am feeling discouraged. Has anybody else had a similar phase in their whole 30? Any advice to stop stressing about feeling heavy? 


My main goals for this whole 30 are helping alleviate brain fog, aggravation from blood sugar issues, and daily stamina. 


Thank you! 



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