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Day 26- still not so hungry for breakfast/ lowered appetite

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I'm sorry to all of you whole30 experts, in advance, for asking a question that you have probably answered 1,00000000000000000000000001 times but here goes:


It is Day 26 of my very first Whole30. 

I'm a total convert... while I don't feel all of the changes that I want to make, I have made a great start of it and intend to continue to end the food war with myself and keep eating good food, real food. It's my commitment to a permanent peace treaty with myself, my body and my weight.


That said:

I'm not very hungry at breakfast, but know it is an essential meal.



Even if I am not hungry, should I still work very hard to eat those 3 eggs, 1/2 sweet potato and a few slices of tomato?


My sense of things is a wholehearted "YES, girlfriend!"- you are working on 40 some odd years of screwing with your metabolism and your body is still freaking CONFUSED.


But the other side of me is saying: should I "make" myself eat when I don't feel hungry? Should I be listening to my body at this point?


On the other, other hand, I'm back to the screwy metabolism thing-- perhaps I should consider a smaller dinner, but do not, at all costs skip my healthy, protein and fat and good veggie (I am doing the sweet potato to stave off anxiety and depression that came on pretty strong mid month...) BREAKFAST.


Please excuse the caps, I am only emphasizing lazily, I am not yelling.

Thank you all for your support- and I hope that in maybe a year or so, I will be paying it forward to newbies like me on this forum!!

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PS: Let me just note, if any other newbies are here and looking at my question for answers... my context is:

I am 45 year old woman who is peri-menopausal (tmi, but also relevant here).

I have struggled with my weight for my whole life.

I am the higher end of my weight spectrum right now, though with 26 days and counting of my Whole 30, I am down a few pounds with looser pants and feeling and looking slightly leaner (yay!!)

I have diagnosed major depression that I have dealt with successfully and functionally (though painfully) for many years-- I take medication for it- and for anxiety too, just when I need it. During my whole30, I had a flare of anxiety and depression- not sure if it is a coincidence or what, but I needed to go up on my medication and I am feeling better now.

I am a regular breakfast skipper and daytime under-eater followed by the Leptin roar at night-- I have given that UP on the Whole30, but the struggle obviously continues.

Oh, and since I am disclosing and saying stuff about me, let me also brag and state:

1) I've given up artificial sweeteners FOREVER since starting my Whole30, I will NEVER go back.

2) I've followed all of the Whole30 rules, but had some more difficulties with the recommendations-- that's why I am sure I need to continue, my main struggle is snacking.. and that's probably why I must eat my whole breakfast!!

3) I've just begun my food log on the log part of this forum in the hopes that I can eventually ask for some feedback on what and how I am eating, as my hope is to stabilize my weight at the right level.

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Your judgement that you should continue eating breakfast is correct. If your hormones were in a good rhythm, you would feel hungry soon after waking, if not as you wake. Not feeling hungry is a major symptom of your hormonal rhythms being off and eating breakfast within an hour of waking is the most powerful corrective action available to you. Hang in there. :)

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