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Day 16 and confused

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Hi all,


Today is day 16 for me and I'm confused. I have had issues with digestion for years and I have always had issues with chronic fatigue. I went gluten free about 5 years ago and in the last 3 or so years I've been pretty careful with my dairy and sugar intake. In the past year I've either been constipated or had diarrhea. I also have bad environmental allergies (mold, humidity, dust mites, etc) and am constantly full of fluid so I have kleenex boxes everywhere I go. 


I've been very meticulous about keeping a food journal throughout my Whole30 and as a result I've eliminated eggs, which make me even more congested, and apples which give me colic. I've looked at the high histamine lists and am seeing all kinds of information about autoimmune conditions that explain all of my symptoms but now I'm at a bit of a loss. My meals are usually sufficient to keep me through the day, I don't have any cravings or urges to snack. Sometimes I just want something crunchy so I'll take a few cashews. I also add them as a side for fat or in my salads. Now I'm certain that they too are contributing to my over active mucus production, potatoes and bananas as well, maybe soon avocados.


I live in Haiti and I'm already slightly limited in food options (not a whole lot of squash variety, oh spaghetti squash I dream of you). I'm fine with omissions I just want to make sure I'm omitting the right things and replacing them with the right things. I still have very little energy, sleeping is still an issue, I'm not regularly constipated or have diarrhea and I'm going to the bathroom regularly by my digestion is not quite comfortable yet. My last three days have been as follows:


B- Home fries, "perfect sausage", avocado

L - Beet/carrot salad, with shredded chiken and avocado

D - Lettuce wraps with chicken, avocado and beet/carrot salad with cashews


B- Home fries, left over ground beef, cashews

L- beet/carrot salad with cashews and chia

D- baked tilapia and salad


B- Perfect sausage, cashews, grapes, blueberries

L- beet/carrot salad with cashews and leftover tilapia

D- t-bone, lettuce/spinach, roasted cauliflower


I have no problem making this a whole100, but it would help to know that I'm on the right track at least. What else should I be considering?


Thank you!
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The composition of your meals looks good. The question is whether you are eating enough. If you are eating too little, your energy levels would stay low. Please review the meal planning template and let us know how much you are eating in relationship to its guidance...


How much to eat
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I'm keeping to the meal templates. For instance this morning I had a little more than the required protein, handful of cashews, more than a handful of grapes, handful of cauliflower. I'm not hungry yet and I ate around 7 am. I usually keep until 1-2 pm.

Fruit at meal 1 can cause an increase in blood sugar and then the subsequent sugar crash that leaves a person with low energy throughout the rest of the day. I would replace those fruits with more vegetables at your Meal 1 and see how that makes you feel.


Nuts are also not the best fat source so try and limit them to a closed palmful around every second day at most.  Switch the nuts for olives, a drizzle of olive oil on your meal, mayo, mayo based sauces, pesto sauce etc... 


Also, sorry, I'm going to disagree with Tom.. your meal composition on closer inspection does seem to be very light on vegetables.  Potatoes are great but you need to be eating non starchy vegetables too... in the range of 1-3 cups per meal.  When those vegetables are salad greens, you really need a bucketful to make them amount to anything because they're a very water filled veg and once chewed or steamed down, they become almost nothing.

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