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Started my Whole30 on Jan. 24. Excited & doing great. Planned and prepped for almost a month, so hopefully it will continue on smoothly. I feel like I am eating WAY more fat (& also sugar via fruits, I don't usually eat much fruit) than I normally do, is this "normal". I have never been a sugar/sweet person (I'm the salty one), so I am not feeling restricted in that aspect, plus eating more fruit in my diet feels as though I am adding sugar; but eating so much fat (even though healthy fats) makes me concerned. I'm doing this for ME, autoimmune diseases and I do want to lose some weight in the process. Is my intake of fat too high since I have not eaten this much fat in the past? (I do not usually eat the egg yolks, no mayo and now having "my" mayo so that is more fat, etc.). Thoughts?

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You do not need to eat any fruit at all. Veggies supply in greater abundance everything that fruit can.


Most people who are new to eating a real food diet think they are eating too much fat. Actually eating too much fat is extremely rare. We offer you a guide to how much is appropriate in the meal planning guide. The thing that confuses people is thinking they can only eat one serving of fat in a meal Our recommendation is that you NEVER eat less than one serving of fat, but that you should add more as needed to achieve excellent taste and to keep you full for at least 4-5 hours. That often means eating 2 servings of fat in a meal. Also, cooking fat hardly counts because most of it is not consumed, so you can rarely count it as one of your servings.


How much to eat
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