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1st Timer Questions- General rule of thumb for cooking with sauces and overall benefits


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Hey everyone,


I am new to the Whole 30 and have been experimenting with it over the past few days as I learn more about it. I plan to start a Whole 30 this coming Sunday.


If I was cooking for just myself, it would be easier to comply with the guidelines, but I have a wife (who isn't interested in this at all) and two small children. We share the cooking duties and I have written out the basic guidelines for her in terms of the do's (veggies, meat, seafood, some fruit, healthy fats) and dont's (grains, booze, legumes, dairy, sugar, MSG's, soy). 


My question is two-fold. What is the general rule of thump in terms of any sauces or items like salsa verde that can be used in a crock pot or other cooking method? Is it basically just no sugar, soy, MSG's and preservatives and it's ok?


Also, does anyone merely follow this in terms of a whole foods approach in order to reap the benefits or does this program need to be followed to a T in order to reap the benefits like solving digestive issues, increased energy and lessened cravings?


Thank you so much!



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Hi Mason, welcome!


Anything that you're going to cook with or consume needs to be compliant in terms of the no's, so that salsa verde is okay to use in abundance AS LONG AS it doesn't have any grains, sugar, beans, alcohol, soy or dairy.


As far as how you follow the program, it does demand 100% compliance in order for you to actually do/finish the program as well as for you to get the most out of the benefits and the most out of the re-introduction period.


Later, once you've reintroduced foods and know how they affect you, you can follow a Whole30esque approach in order to eat healthily and know when you want to indulge and when it's not worth it.


Does that help?

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Yes, it does, thank you so much for the quick reply!


So the general rule of thumb is no grains, sugar, beans, alcohol or soy, got it! This seems to knock out a little pre-made food, which is good to know going into this. 

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