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Day 26, low energy, but pre-workout discovery

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Day 26, and my energy has been dragging today, even though I feel mentally alert and clear - my muscles and body just feel tired. This has been building up for a bit - workouts feel slower and harder than before, and my heart rate tends to go very high during an intense set. I just thought I was still adapting to fat burning, etc.


But today, I had an apple and some cashews (not many) as a pre-workout instead of protein and fat, and it made a very big difference. I felt great, the workout was intense but felt energizing, and my muscles felt really strong.


Maybe I have been eating too few high-carb items? I hardly ever have fruit. Tons of veggies. Sleep plenty, and digestion is WAY better than during the first 10 days or so. Feels very good.


Typical day -


meal 1: zucchini-ginger soup with chicken, tuna, or 2 eggs (I have really tiny hands. Honestly, 2 extra large eggs is it!) Sometimes omelet with kale or spinach. For fat, coconut milk and oil in coffee.


meal 2: often a huge salad (really, really huge) with greens, peppers, cukes, tomatoes, sliced beets (sometimes), a whack ton of kalamata olives, a can of tuna or salmon or leftover chicken, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 


meal 3: big stirfry with tons of veggies (including carrots and sometimes sweet potato) and fish or chicken most often. Sometimes a meat stew (most recent one I'm working through is lamb shanks) with sautéed greens and a salad. Fat depends on sauce - often a rich green curry with coconut milk, sometimes nuts. Always cooked with plenty of coconut oil.


thanks for the help!

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Are you having your post-WO as well? It can help with recovery.


Your meals mostly look good. Do keep in mind that the meal template is a minimum and lists a range of serving sizes, so if you feel more food would be helpful, have some.


Are you working out every day, or do you have recovery days in your schedule as well? Are you salting your food? Drinking plenty of water? Getting good sleep at night? Any of these could negatively affect your energy levels.

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Thanks, Shannon --


I am feeling plenty full, and generally my next meal is within an hour of working out, so I have not been doing post-WO. I certainly have recovery days, use salt, drink lots of water and sleep well. It just seems to be a purely muscle fatigue - I do not feel tired, just somewhat slow in my body, if you know what I mean. Today I feel MUCH better so far! Maybe it was just a temporary blip. It sure felt good yesterday to have a workout that didn't feel like I had to drag myself through, though, so I might try that experiment with pre-WO a couple of times to see if that was it.

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