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Lini's Whole30 (Round #2)


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Whole 30 Day one: 27th January 2016.


I was too excited to wait until 1st Feb to do my whole30, and when I checked my cupboard/fridge, the only non-compliant items I had to hide (because others in my household still want to eat them) was some cheese.


I live a mostly primal lifestyle, but usually over-eat and skip breakfast or just don't have enough vegetables in general. My main goal of this Whole30 is too work on my hormones, crush my sugar demon for good, and make sure I'm really upping my vege intake. I know I'm gluten intolerant, and haven't had gluten in what feels like YEARS, but I need to get rid of my dairy (read: cheese) addiction, and definitely my sugar and hot chip addiction.  I know that I'm also dairy intolerant, but I can't help but eat it.. Which is absolutely ridiculous, eating something that I KNOW makes me sick :-/


I've signed up for the daily emails in the hopes of keeping me motivated and knowing where I'm up to in the process.  I'm super excited to get my health back on track!


One thing I am nervous about though, is that I KNOW I'm gluten and dairy intolerant, and I KNOW that sugar is horrifically bad for me.. So I feel that after cutting those things out of my life, that I will be living Whole30 forever! And that feels really daunting.

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Whole 30 Day two: 28th January 2016


I was an absolute cranky mofo today! And my legs felt soooo restless! It was a lot harder today than I thought, but I managed to get through it :)  On the upside I didn't have a headache, but I'm still drinking coffee. I ordered Crio Bru tonight so I'll ease myself into that and wean myself off coffee.


Happy with how I'm going, and feeling like it might not be as hard as I thought after all. Someone on a forum mentioned approaching it as a science experiment, so that's how I'm looking at it.  I've always been tricked up by labels, and to be honest, spending allll that time in the grocery store reading labels does not sound appealing, so I'm taking the approach that if I can't hunt it, or gather it, then I can't eat it.

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Whole 30 Day eight: 3rd February 2016


I'm hanging in there, just not keeping my log up to date. Never been much of the journalling type.


The bloating is awful! My stomach almost looks distended. It is extremely hard to persevere through this little patch! I keep having to remind myself, that at some point, I will start to not feel nauseous and bloated, and I will eventually get that tiger blood.


I'm having difficulty finding the right fats to eat, and have not been eating enough.  I also haven't been sticking very well to eating at the correct time. Both of these things are probably MAJORLY impacting on the bloating that I'm currently experiencing.  But avocado's were FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS EACH!! It's criminal!! A food becomes popular, and the price goes through the roof!! And I bet farmers are only receiving a dollar for them.. if that! I will probably just have to start having a spoonful of coconut oil before each meal to get in enough fat throughout the day.


Hanging in there though... just barely.

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