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W30 - DJ's After Action Report


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W30 – DJ's After Action Report

Well it has been a journey. I think my W30 challenge has been fairly simple and without too much hardship. When I eat primal-like, I have very little cravings or desire to eat off plan. I only had really one day of bad headache (on day 2) and I don't think I tried or even wanted to kill anything. You could ask my wife to verify my crankiness level.

I really, really enjoyed the food. For me, the only really different part was giving up my sweetener and cream in my coffee, giving up my yogurt, giving up any cheese and giving up my morning post-workout smoothie.

Of all of these changes, I was most anxious about how I would enjoy black coffee. It did take a bit of “getting used to†but I am undecided about going back to a sweetener and cream. Today is day 31 for me and I am currently drinking my “black†café Americano and enjoying it.

With my focus on nutrition, my wife has also made some changes (W30 light) if you will and she has lost some weight (I believe 9 lbs). This was a great side effect of my program. I am very happy for her and her efforts to make positive improvements in her health and fitness.

This way of eating has had minimal disruption to my life and, with a little planning, worked out pretty darn well.

I decided pretty early that if I am going to do this thing, I need to embrace some changes and diversity in my nutrition. Over the course of my challenge, I introduced a number of ingredients I would never have used (almond meal, coconut flour, coconut aminos), I tried a number of dishes I would likely not have made (Paleo Meatloaf, boiled beets, Paleo Mayo and I tried to stick to 3 main meals a day with a snack on days when I worked out (or when I really needed something else).

I kept track of my calories, carbs, fat and protein intake each day. It was pretty interesting that most days I was right around 60% of my calories from fat. This number is alarming to people that subscribe to the USA / Canada Food pyramid paradigm but I felt pretty comfortable eating this way.

Well onto my physical changes:

Over the course of the 30 days, I lost 12.6 Lbs. In my chest, waist and hips, I lost a total of 7.5 inches. My measurements show that I actually lost just over 14 lbs of fat and gained 1.7 lbs of muscle (worked out pretty hard for the 30 days). My calculations show a loss of 4% body fat over the 30 days.


Here are before and after photos over my W30 period:




Considering all the positives to eating this way and no real negatives, I do not intend to make any major changes or re-introductions in the near future. In three weeks (October 6-8th) it is our Canadian Thanksgiving. I need to decide if I will be following W30 over this family holiday or not. If not, I will need to re-introduce some foods before to be able to measure my response to off-plan food. Thanksgiving diner is not a good place to first decide to deviate from W30.

I am waiting for my new home-based workout programs to arrive and I have a freezer full of pasture fed, non hormone/antibiotics meat. I am in this process for the long haul and I really look forward to further positive changes, in my future.

I am thankful for coming across this website, thankful for taking the time to read the book (It Starts With Food) and I am thankful for this W30 process. Melissa and Dallas, plus their team, are providing a really good program and I appreciate the n=1 insight I received over the 30 days and look forward to benefiting from the lessons learned for the rest of my life.



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I knew we'd get a thorough & insightful wrap-up post from you DJ, just like all you log entries have been.

Well done on a great W30, you can definitely see the difference in your pics!

Keep up the great work on your journey to better health.

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Nice reporting! Great work and effort pays off. I have also decided not to reintroduce the foods I restricted. I feel great and hav no desire to go back. I am looking forward to creating my new favorite W30 recipes for Thanksgiving! Eggs Benedict for breakfast with flat iron steak and W30 hollandaise sauce, asparagus with butter lettuce as my English muffins! Working on a great lunch recipe and perfecting my W30 cinnamon plantains! Thanks for the inspiration today and keep up the good work... I found great recipes in Well Fed and Nom Nom Paleo's IPad App. Hope this helps....


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