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Deb's 1st Whole30

Deb Froemming

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just dropping in to say hello!

I'm on Day 7 and it's getting easier!

This was the first day I wasn't hungry for a morning snack.

Day 6 was hard but I stuck to plan. Weekends at home used to find me popping popcorn, cooking & baking. None of that this weekend except for meals.

I started without any shopping/planning and been winging it with a trip to the store almost daily.

That's working for me for now. I know I'm eating fresh then.

I'm browsing looking for meal ideas as I love to cook and don't want to get bored with the same old, same old.

Hope you're having a good day!


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Day 8! I am wearing those black work pants that were just too snug around my waist! :) woot! and my work blouse is looser so yeh!

damn this is good!

For breakfast it was fast, 3 fried eggs in EVOO & leftover veggies.

Lunch will be spinach salad with a grilled ckn breast, carrots, balsamic vinegar & an apple.

Supper will be a steak and more veggies.

Need to search for some of those egg muffin recipes & others also.

Busy week but I'm starting to feel engergized and I have been eating trigger veggies for my GERD and not getting reflux so this is a good thing! My GI doc will be so happy in a couple weeks, he had wanted me to lose 10 pounds and I feel like I have already! woot!

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Deb's Dazzling 30 Days

Before Whole30 I was overweight & suffering from reflux due to a hiatal hernia and GERD. My GI doc suggested surgery to repair the hiatal hernia/reflux, I wasn't ready. I felt controlled by the foods I could eat that wouldn't trigger reflux and a prisoner to the medications. I didn't sleep well and woke often.

I found Whole30 online, as I was looking for info on Paleo or Gluten-fee to help with the reflux.

I jumped right in & it wasn't easy bit it got better! I learned to shop and read labels, as if it was the first time in a grocery store! Found I liked veggies I had not tried before from the Farmer's Market. Love trying new recipes with new ingredients!

I feel so much better now after my first Whole 30! No more cravings and barely hungry ever! Before the end of week 1 I was re-introducing trigger foods, such as green pepper, onion and garlic AND not getting sick! What?? True!! This motivated me to stick with it! I love eating again! My clothes seem to be at least a size too big now. I see some shopping in my future! I am sleeping soundly and falling asleep easier. I visited my GI doc on Day 21 and he was amazed as my weight loss and how I felt! He had suggested gluten free and losing 10 pounds before that visit, well I went above and beyond that! I plan to continue with a Paleo lifestyle after re-introducing some foods and will be doing the Whole30 again! :D

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