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I started my 2nd W30 on Jan 1st. I enjoy eating and eat to template for meals 1 & 2 (higher end of template) but usually I do not feel hungry for dinner, and since I do not feel hungry I usually think why waste money and eat if I don't really want it (or just eat something small like a baked potato).

But now I'm wondering if this may be contributing to my oversleeping my alarms over the past 1-2 weeks (not good!). Any thoughts? (I'm not PMSing)

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The meal template is the minimum an adult human should be eating.  Not eating one entire meal is not going to do you any favors.  I'm not sure if that's why you're oversleeping, but it can really muck up your hormones.


If you are going to eat a smaller Meal 3, please set it up to have all three macros (protein, fat, veg) and not just a baked potato.


If you want to list what you have been eating including portion sizes, maybe we can see if there are tweaks that we can help you with.

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Meal skipping is really eating 1/3 less food and starving yourself isn't healthy.


When your body isn't getting enough food, you will be sleepy and fatigued (sleeping through alarms is common when you're fatigued), health conditions can get worse and your hormones will go all over the place. I used to be a regular meal skipper and the change to my health eating three meals a day has been dramatic.


If you're not hungry for M3, your M2 may be too big. Try going to the lower end of the template for M2 and see how hungry you are for M3.

Eating to the template helps your hormones settle well, so avoiding lop-sided meals will usually make you feel better.

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