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Reintroduction to less meat based diet


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Hi Everyone,


I'm currently on day 18 of my third Whole30. I've messed up on the past two by following the Whole30 to the letter but on day 31 eating exactly as I did pre-Whole30 (no re intro!)


Obviously, this doesn't work for me so I want to change what happens after day 30. I'm planning to do a slow-roll reintroduction for three reasons:


  • I don't feel that 30 days is enough for me but I want to be 'indepently' making the choices to eat better without the Whole30 reason (if that makes any sense!) 
  • I would like to reduce the amount of animal products I eat for environmental and conscious reasons
  • I'm moving to India in July for at least 6 months, where the main diet is vegetarian, so I need to know what affects me pulse, legume, grain wise

So, I need advice on the following:


  1. My Whole30 ends 10th of February, I'm planning to go out on the 13th for drinks with friends. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to drink alcohol yet or not, but if I do will this affect my reintroduction? I'm talking possibly having a few glasses of wine - still eating Whole30 all week.
  2. I think that bread/milk affects me and I haven't really missed it that much - do I bother trying it?
  3. Has anyone got a good reintroduction plan/advice for moving towards less meat?

I'm looking to do a reintroduction over at least a month and a half, so have plenty of time to really test how foods affect me.


All advice welcome!





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Hi Sez! 


Alcohol would still be part of your reintro, make sure you don't introduce anything else a few days before or a few days after. Then you can evaluate how whatever you drank made you feel. Here's Melissa's take on alcohol http://whole30.com/2013/07/dear-melissa-the-booze-edition/


If you don't want to introduce something because it already makes you feel icky, you don't have to. But if your thinking of that time when you had a great big peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk and felt really crappy afterward, there are any number of things in that meal which could have been affecting you (legumes, sugar, gluten, dairy, probably soy in there somewhere). It's 100% your reintro though, so you get to make your decisions. I'm probably not going to reintro legumes other than testing out soy because I don't like beans. I didn't really eat them before so there's no need.  :)


As for reducing the amount of meat you're eating, I think first you will need to decide what you would like to use as your protein sources in your post-Whole30 eating. Planning to go for tofu? Make sure you try out soy, maybe even giving soy its own day. Eggs and fish? You're probably eating them already  :) Lots of beans? Try out those legumes. Tempeh will mean you'll *have* to test gluten. 


I'm sure a mod will be around before too long to give more (probably better) advice!  :D

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Thanks for bringing up the subject of meat reduction. I am looking forward to going back to more fish, less meat, and hope that legumes will work OK for me - I miss them. I start re-intro tomorrow!


In India, there is not much chance you'd be eating soy - but I sure hope lentils and dairy work for you! There is a lot of use of dairy (mainly paneer and yogurt, but milk is hard to avoid), but if you still eat meat, it is certainly not difficult to find unless you'll be in a "veg" community where they don't serve "non-veg". There is no beef or pork, of course, but plenty of fish, chicken, and mutton (goat). Even if you are hoping to reduce meat, you might find it helps to still eat some if you are reacting to any of the other stuff, especially legumes.


I'm jealous! I love going to India and have not been able to for the past couple of years. Have a fantastic time there ---

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Thanks for your replies so far.

I didn't mention in my original post but I am hoping that I will be mainly able to eat legumes and pulses. I already know dairy, mainly milk, doesn't agree with me. I 100% know that gluten affects me too, so I won't be aiming to reintroduce that.

Where I'm staying in India will be vegetarian for the most part (yoga teacher training ashram) so they'll be no meat. I'm a bit worried about getting all my proteins in on a vege diet. I'll have to do some more research!

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