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Melissa's Whole 30 Sept 24th start!


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I decided today's the day. I need to do this. I've always been fit and healthy but things have gone down hill for me in the last few months. Too much snacking on crap and too much alcohol. I've been going to the gym regularly so that's not the problem.

Here goes...

Day 1

2 cups Coffee with canned coconut milk

Smoked salmon, red and orange peppers and strawberries

Pre WO 2 hard boiled eggs

PWO. Sweet potatoes nod salmon

Broccoli slaw salad with turkey

Tonight should be interesting, I have a meeting to go to and it's a potluck. Ugh....

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Day 2 Done

I was really craving my coffee this morning with the creamy coconut milk and suprisinly I can tolerate it with out my usual pack and a half of stevia.

Breakfast- 2 cups coffee with coconut cream, 3 eggs with the broccoli I made from last nights potluck, one strawberry

Ran 5 miles

Post WO- sweet potatoe and turkey

Lunch- roast beef strawberries

Snack- hard boiled egg

Dinner- roast beef with cole slaw with a homemade dressing

I was sooo unsatisfied after dinner and craving something more. Diet coke cravings up the wazzo. Just plain old hungry.

Later in the evening I was craving wine. I had some berries with coconut cream drizzled on top.

I got really tired early in the evening. Decent energy all day though. Still hungry.....maybe I didn't eat enough with that 5 mile run?

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Day 3 DONE

Slept like a rock last night but could've used a few more hours. Had crazy weird dreams. Decent energy all day but cravings galore this evening.

Breakfast- eggs with veggies and guacamole

Hardboiled egg pre-workout

Got a great workout in

PWO meal- turkey and sweet potatoes

Lunch- made homemade chicken veggie soup. Had two bowls and an Aidells sausage.

Dinner- roast beef and cole slaw with oil and vinegar

I'm still hungry. I may snack on red peppers and guac.

Also drank LaCroix today...twice. Is that ok? I'm assuming but is the carbonation ok?

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Day 4 Done

Super hungry when I woke up. During the Whole 30 is it normal to have a really bad taste in your mouth first thing in the morning? Detoxing?

My coffee wasn't quite as satisfying this morning...craved a little sweetness.

Breakfast- three eggs with veggies, guacamole and a couple strawberries

Lunch- big bowl of chicken veggie soup with diced avocado. Few cashews, strawberries.

Dinner- Chipotle salad bowl with extra carnitas, mild salsa and guacamole.

Took a great hot yoga class today and ran sprints for about 10 min today. Felt good to really sweat.

It's been kinda hard feeding my kids and doing this. They had a cookies today and I smelled it for a looong time before I handed it over.

Gosh, I'm really eating a lot of avocado but dang it's good. TRYING to keep the fruit light as well as the nuts.

Is LaCroix ok to drink even though it's carbonated? I'm wondering if it's contributing to my bloated feeling?

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Day 5 Done

Can't exactly remember what I ate but I did good, felt good. Got a good workout it.

We had some neighbors over in the evening and I felt pressure. Well, not really pressure but I felt like I had to almost justify/defend what I was doing. People don't understand. People don't get it. I got 'it's not healthy to deprive yourself'....'you really shouldn't starve yourself'.....' I could never give up alcohol'....... Etc, etc,etc. People don't realize I'm probably eating more then them, more fat then them, more veggies then them and feeling good. Anyway, I made zucchini hummus with cut up veggies to snack on and drank my LaCroix. I felt like I didn't miss out on anything.

Day 6

Woke up famished!

Breakfast-2 cups coffee with coconut milk

Fried egg

Yellow peppers

Lunch- chicken and avocado salad with tomatoes

Snack-Lara bar

Dinner- hamburger without bun with onions, pickle , lettuce, tomato

We had a surprise 40th birthday party to go to. I wasn't too nervous about not drinking and getting hassled about it since I didn't know too many people there. I found a place to grab dinner that worked out fine. I avoided the carb loaded snacks at the party. Got home at a decent time. Wasn't drunk...slept great, got up early, getting stuff done before I have to get my boys at noon from the grandparents house.

Big accomplishment for me. In the past, I'd drink until I was drunk or buzzed along with the hubs. Get home super late. Get a terrible night sleep. Be hung over and tired in the morning and be a complete waste of space. Im proud. It's not even 9am and I have laundry going and my kitchen is clean and I'm relaxing with my coconut cream coffee. I can be a good mommy when my kids get home because I won't be hung over.

This afternoon we have a birthday lunch to go to but I'm not worried. There won't be pressure to drink and I already looked at the menu online. I'm going for the Bison burger w/out the bun!

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Day 6 DONE

Breakfast- coffee with coconut cream, egg with steak

Lunch-salmon salad & Kombucha

Snack-lunch meat(Applegate Farms, no sugar added)

Forgot to have a prewo snack

Great workout

PWO snack- sweet potatoes & roast beef

Dinner-Well Feds Chocolate Chili and brussel sprouts and avocado

Felt good today, good energy, less hunger,less cravings! First time I had Kombucha. I had the green algae kind. It exploded all over me when I opened it in the car, 5 min before I had to get out of the car and pick my kids up from school. Green slime all over my pants and my car. Yuck. It was really good though. Now I know better.

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DAY 15 today! Half way through with no straying.

A few things going on lately..

I wake up with really bad headaches

getting really weird white hard pimples on my nose....never had these before.

Starting to have anxiety about getting to the end and going back to some bad eaing/drinking habits.

Good Things....

My finger nails are incredibly strong....never had strong nails before. Ever.

My cravings are dying. I have no desire to drink diet coke ever again.

I really want to change some eating habits permanently!

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