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Day 12 NSV @ McDonalds


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So I have been trouble shooting a bit the past week... I am having some bad food aversions as well as horrible stomach pain when I eat eggs or avacados. So now that I have narrowed those down, hopefully if I avoid them I will start to feel better. 

Anywho... kids had a play date today at McDonalds. I thought I was just sensitive to high fat foods, so this morning for B-fast I had egg whites. About an hour later, queue the stomach upset.( Im talking almost throwing up bad...) Since my stomach was upset I didn't eat anything prior to the McD's which I had planned on doing to help with the temptation. When I walked in and all the other Moms were ordering yummy meals and the smell was hitting my face.... Not. A. Twinge. of craving!!! One of the moms was like "this must be so hard for you!" and I was surprised how it WASN'T... not even a little! I just got a giant unsweetened Iced tea, and sipped on that the whole time :) 

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