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So I started a while ago...


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Yeah, I feel like I'm late to the game, but I started my 1st full round of whole30 almost 2 weeks ago (Jan 18th). 

My roommate has been trying to get me to do Whole30 since last May, and I tried once, but I only lasted 3 days before I broke down and gave up. But this year, invigorated with New Year's resolutions, a wish to lose 10 pounds, and a need to get some part of my life under control, I decided- no coaxing- to do the program again. 

So my roomie and I planned it out. We would hold each other accountable and make sure that the other had enough food. We waited until the second week of classes so that we would know our schedules for this semester and understand where potential problems would arise and how to work around it. 


Well here I am, 12 days in, and I've successfully NOT BROKEN!!  :D (ah man- I was dancing around like a freaking idiot on day 4)  I feel great, love the new recipes I'm making, and the surprising saving of money from just not eating out. But I've run into a problem, my roomie gave up before me, and keeps breaking the diet- so I lost my partner in crime, and it's hard. So here I am, joining in online, in hopes that you guys can give me some new ideas, help keep me on top of my game, and maybe take some of my recipes? (my mom is the master of homemade goods- some of which is actually whole30) 

I have 18 days left. I really want to make it. 


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