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Sleep, Constipation, Lupus

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Please help me trouble shoot my Whole30. I am currently on day 12 and have had issues with constipation and sleep. I have a history of Celiac and Lupus and the lack of sleep is not helpful in keeping my health intact. Prior to the Whole30 I was eating a diet very similar to a typical Whole30 meal. I have been grainfree/paleo for several years and my diet has typically been lowish carb. I have not previously had issues with either sleep or constipation before. 

My goals for whole30 were to establish more ordered eating of three meals a day and less snacking. So really the biggest change has been regularly eating 3 meals a day following the template. I get plenty of fiber, fat and water. I am not looking to take any type of supplement as I live in Chile and I do not feel confident about the quality of anything I might find here. Any thoughts/advice would be helpful as I am about to give up because sleep is more important than finishing the whole30. I am pretty confused as to why I am having these issues when I really have not altered my diet significantly I have just been establishing the habit of three meals and no snacks.

Thanks for any thoughts!!


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