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OK foodies...I need help. I bought a wonderfully-sourced piece of pork from a local farm and I need something to do with it. It is a large boneless pork loin. This is my least favorite cut of pork because it can be dry and boring, but it was a great deal and I want to find something good to do with it! since there's basically no fat it doesn't lend itself to braising or pulling like a shoulder or country ribs. The piece I have is about 3.5 lbs so I need suggestions that will make good leftover options! Any good ideas?

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Brine it and then bake it! It'll be the moistest and most tender pork loin roast you've ever had. If it's huge, cut it into smaller mini-roasts (or into thick "chops" and place into a ziploc bag. Add enough warm water that it's fully submerged and then add a big handful of coarse salt, a smaller handful of peppercorns, some fennel seeds, coriander seeds. Mix it all around until the salt is dissolved. Try to get most of the air out of the bag and then put the bag in a bowl in the fridge at least overnight.

When you're ready to cook it, take it out, pick whatever seeds are stuck in the meat out, dry it off and then use one of the 8 billion pork loin dry rub recipes that you can find online. Anything involving Rosemary will be good. Do note though, the meat will be a bit salty from the brine so whatever recipe you use, if it has salt in the rub, cut that back drastically if not completely out.

I will never, ever cook a pork chop or pork loin roast without at least a 12 hour brine on it. It'll change the way you view pork! :)

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