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Day 31 and I feel worse than when I started


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I just finished my first complete Whole 30. Last summer I made it through about three weeks of a Whole 30 and had great results even though I didn't complete it. This time I made it through the whole 30 days and I feel terrible. I'm having a major flare up of fibromyalgia. Also, when I started I was sleeping great, now it is a struggle again. I've been trying to think of anything I've done differently this time. The only things I could think of were last time I was also seeing a chiropractor and this time I've taken some prescription medications that I wasn't taking before. This is a typical day of meals- meal one - coffee with ghee and coconut oil, soup made with bone broth, veggies and a protein; meal two - spicy beef and bok choy or tuna with primal mayo and a large salad; meal three - pork roast, prosciutto wrapped asparagus and roasted sweet potato. If I needed a snack it was typically boiled eggs and/or an apple with sunbutter or occasionally an Rx bar. The fibro flare started after I'd eaten tomatoes several days in a row. I knew white potatoes trigger my fibro, but didn't think the tomatoes would. I'm thinking about transitioning into a modified AIP and eliminating nightshade, nuts and possibly coffee.

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