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I cant quit whole 30 :)

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Hello all, first of all sorry about my english grammar. I start W30 at 27.12.2016 so I quit before 5 days if anybody tell

my before that I will not have taste for red wine parmasan and beer  after W30 I just laught. Now I try second day after

beans and thats all, every evening say my brain ok taste wine but my body dont cooperate :) at 07.02. I have some party

so I probably fix this...




- very good sleep and good mornings (here had alcohol influence before)

- no sugar hunger

- if I see bad but taste meals nothings do to me

- I eat really much more vegetables

- feel same wave all day

- after INBODY scan I get good results

- I skip my vegan try forever, I never understand how is possible I eat so healthy and my weight still

  going up and Im not feel good as any vegan said.






- nothing


My fault


2 x I just eat little piece of potato with normal butter (I dont know that there is - my wife cook) but I say to me ok nevermind




I try one cheating day and next six days continue Whole30 plan But dont mean cheating day as some terrible food orgy

just normal meals with friends or my kids


wish good results and feeling for all.






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