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Ingredients list "spices" in addition to listing other ingredients


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I bought two Weber seasoning mixes (thai chili and roasted garlic and herb) that do not have any non compliant ingredients listed. On the front of the bottle, it says Gluten Free/No MSG/No artificial flavors/No artificial preservatives.  They do, however, have "spices" listed in addition to the specific ingredients.  There is no warning about containing soy so I'm thinking that is most likely clear.  Could they put sugar in as a "spice."  I'm not using it until I feel more confident (I messaged them on their website).  But wanted to see if anyone knows about this product?

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45 minutes ago, davehaster said:


I want to try some thing new. So would you like to suggest me some nice combination of herbs that can make my food more tasty and delicious.....

Hey there - again, this post is asking about the compliance of the spices and I'm not sure the original poster is going to make you spice combinations, however there are tons of websites of whole30 recipes and spice mixes that you can make.  google 'whole30 recipes' for more inspiration.

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