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Label help please


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Hi All,


I'm starting my Whole30 today Feb 1 and yesterday, I almost melted down in the middle  of the local grocery store.  By then I'd been to Trader Joes and Sprouts and everything I was searching for had Sugars 0 on the label.  Is this a hard and fast rule?  For example, Imagine Chicken Broth has Sugars < 1 on the label so I passed on it, yet I got home and searched the net and see that it's Whole30 compliant.  Also, it's impossible to find canned pumpkin or canned sweet potato  (for the salmon cakes) with 0 sugar.  

Even the Almond meal/flour I found all had at least 1 g sugar.


Can someone please explain how items that contain natural sugar will have labels with 0 sugar?



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What you need to worry about is the ingredients list NOT the nutritional information.


So if it lists sugar or any form of non compliant information under the ingredients list it's out.  If it doesn't it's good to go.  


Do not worry about the nutritional information so much.  Yes sweet potatoes and pumpkin will definitely have a sugar rating under the nutritional info.  These are natural sugars.  We are more worried about things ADDED to can of sweet potatoes.  


I hope this makes sense?

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