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Starting Whole 30 tomorrow........


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  I'm Dianna, 54 years old and type 2 diabetic with other autoimmune diseases.  I was on the Paleo diet and my blood sugars did not go down.  I am excited about this way of eating, and nervous too.  I can't have night shades, tomatoes or spicy things,,,, yellow and orange peppers only. 


I am blessed that my husband and 22 yr old son are supportive and willing to eat whatever I make. 


Even though the book said black coffee is not hard compared to cancer...I drink herbal tea and I don't like fruity teas.  I drink ginger tea and can't imagine it tomorrow with no agave.  Lunch and snacks are what I had the hardest time with.  I am making my own mayo and ghee tomorrow......


I eat 6 times a day......but I love my sweets...my craving for them did not go away.  I was a vegan when I went to a wellness group....they asked me to add meat and I have.  Sometimes I can stomach cooking it and other times I cannot.  I don't eat dairy, I am allergic to casian. 


I think I am most excited as to not feeling alone, having a forum and hopefully making friends to talk and share things with. 


Thanks for letting me vent......sitting down to make a week menu....that's how we budget, by bying only whats on the grocery list.  It has truly helped us.  I am at home, no job....looking for an on-line one that isn't a scam!!!  As I sat down to do the menu, my mind went blank.....breakfast I drink a shake provided by the wellness center......snack at 10 am, I usually skip, by lunch starving and will eat most anything,,,,,,afternoon snack I make and dinner .  I seriously need to change my eating habits.....  I am going to my granddaughters 5th birthday on the 21st of Feb. Blessed again, my son and his wife said let us know what we can do to help!  I am making her birthday cake......I always bake and that has to change also. 


I hope and pray this is what works for me.  Where do I go to track my food journal???


Hugs to all,


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