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Day 15 finish


Whew... home.. .that ride was harrowing... but all's well that ends well as they say.  I'm beat but just finished dinner at 9 so i should stay up a few hours to make sure i don't go to bed on a full stomach.


Meal 3


  • pork roast
  • home made olive oil mayo
  • tri-color chard, steamed
  • roasted tomatoes
  • broccoli
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LOL, thanks Praxis. No, sadly it was just a LONG drive :) 2 hours in going through areas with thunderstorms where they had just had tornado watches and maybe even a tiny tornado because there was a tree down across the road so I got detoured.


I'm planning to start walking soon though, so i'll keep the pre & post workout meals thing in mind.


Day 16 and 17 are over now,  So I need to blog those meals before I forget...


Day 16


Meal 1

  • chicken thighs (2)
  • spaghetti squash with ghee
  • a roasted tomato
  • leftover chard

Meal 2

  • huge salad with 2 whole boiled eggs, 1 whole avocado, 10 olives, sunflower seeds and olive oil & apple cider vinegar
    • Note about this meal:  Something in this made my stomach hurt. I noticed it about 3/4 the way through the salad. I bought it from the place downstairs at work - i watched them put everything in it myself... so the only thing i can think is that even though I asked for none, there was kale or a relative of kale in the greens mix.  It's the second time a salad from there has made my stomach hurt. I need to ask them what is in the greens mix.  I don't worry that i was dosed with anything off-plan, because I specifically chose things that wouldn't have been adulterated in any way...   I feel good about what i chose and i watched them put it all in.

      BUT - Let that be a lesson to me about being too lazy to pack lunch one day.  I figured I could just have that salad with all that yummy stuff added, but.. .yeah. bad plan.  That's what I get for not being 100% in control of every detail of the food.  It's always a risk for me - my stomach is SO much better in general this past few months (even before whole30 I was getting it under control), but it's easy to get thrown into a downward spiral if I get one or two things in a row that make my stomach feel bad... then it just seems like everything i eat does nothing but make it worse, even if it's something I normally tolerate well.  So I played it safe for meal 3.

Meal 3

  • 3 pieces compliant bacon
  • 3 scrambled eggs
  • steamed root veggies mix with ghee
  • spaghetti squash roasted under the broiler with ghee and salt and pepper
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Day 17


Meal 1

  • 3 scrambled eggs
  • 2 pieces bacon
  • 1/2 small sweet potato
  • leftover spaghetti squash with ghee, salt & pepper
  • a pinch of coconut flakes for extra fat.

Meal 2

  • 2 roasted chicken thighs
  • 5 spears asparagus
  • 1 large roasted tomato
  • roasted butternut squash
  • about 10 raw hazelnuts

Meal 3

  • a generous portion of roasted pork topped with 2 thumb sized scoops of home made mayo
  • 1 very small russet potato with ghee and salt
  • a huge pile of steamed spinach with vinegar
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hmmmm.. how did i get so far behind. guess i was busy saturday and sunday...


Day 18 & 19....

I ate... I can't remember exactly everything on those 2 days but i stayed compliant and just ate stuff out of my week's worth of cooked ahead stuff :) so it would have been similar to all the other stuff last week.  I made chocolate chili for Saturday night, i know, and ate roasted pork a lot...


Picking the log back up again with today's meals:


Day 20


Meal 1

  • roasted pork
  • 1 whole yellow sweet pepper
  • olives

Meal 2

  • big bowl of chocolate chili
  • large mixed green salad with tomatoes and avocado with olive oil & vinegar

Meal 3

  • 4 oz pack of frozen salmon roasted with ghee and dill weed and lemon and salt/pepper
  • small sweet potato with ghee
  • about 8 large spears of asparagus with ghee


I think tomorrow night i'm going to cook up some chicken thighs and ground beef I have in the freezer (i'll put them in the fridge to thaw overnight) and roast up some green beans and carrots and cabbage and tomatoes and spaghetti squash to get me through a few days. I think i have enough in the freezer and pantry  to feed us without a big shopping trip until this weekend.  (for some reason i've been on a canned tomato buying's like i can never remember what i have so i just buy it again. LOL I have like 20 cans in there :D)


It'd be nice to get a break from shopping.  Work is wearing me out... so much stress and such a heavy lift over the next several weeks...  I'll probably stop on my way home tomorrow night and get some eggs and bacon and a few other things at the natural food store I shop at, but not much more than that.

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Day 21


Ok, I'm fessing up right now - Meal 1 was really light and snacky and totally thrown together.  I was going to have pork roast but it just... didn't feel like a good idea this morning. It was about a week old - the last bit that was left from my cookup of last week and even though I nuked it and it probably was fine, I couldn't get past the idea that it maybe was a little "off"... it smelled super greasy and I just couldn't bring myself to eat it.  So i tossed it out and instead, because i had no easy protein handy, had a bunch of olives, some carrots and 2 tbsp of sunflower butter.  I totally get it. NOT enough protein... but at least I ate SOMETHING.


Definitely stopping on the way home and picking up some protein options (read: eggs!! maybe 3 dozen so I can boil about 18, and still have some for cooking with this week.  I might toss in a steak for tonight if it's not ungodly expensive.)


Meal 2 was better:

  • 1 can of pole caught tuna mixed with 2 tbsp home made mayo
  • HUGE salad with tomatoes and hazelnuts and mixed greens
  • an orange

I was looking up blendable soups last night too... i'd love to just take a big thermos of soup to sip on the way to work in the AM... with hard boiled eggs for protein.  I found a nice tomato one that uses coconut milk (fat! yay!) that I may have most of the ingredients for. I'll check before i leave and pick them up if i need them.  I'm reaching the point where as much as I like the simplicity of the cook ahead/have stuff all week option, I really need to branch out a bit more on the proteins. They're boring me. The veggies are nice and varied, so they're not so much an issue.  But pork and roasted chicken thighs and ground beef are getting a bit repetitive.

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Day 24,


AHA! So I know why the pork was making me feel a little ill smelling it the other morning... I was getting a stomach bug.  By Tuesday night I was really feeling sick to my stomach and i was up all night. No more detail needed.


As a result, I have had 2.5 really "spotty" days of food. I haven't eaten anything off plan, but I ate stuff at random times and not whole meals... i even had a few lara bars, which I really was saving for serious emergencies. I think this kind of counted.... at certain points, that was the only thing that even REMOTELY seemed manageable as far as keeping the food down.  That and eggs. I had a LOT of eggs the past few days.  I threw in some veggies at various points - swiss chard, spaghetti squash, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes... but i'm not sure how much of it i kept and how much I lost.


So I'm finally feeling a bit better, and think I'll be mostly back on track as of Meal 2 today, so that's what i'll start logging again. I haven't eaten it yet, but i did pack it this AM.


Meal 2

  • 1/3 lb of organic browned ground beef
  • 2 cups of spaghetti squash with Ghee
  • 14 oz can of organic tomato sauce
  • 10 olives with red pepper centers
  • handful of hazelnuts

And on we go...

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Thanks, Serek! :)


I've made it to day 27 with no slips... :)  I actually think I'm going to be going for a whole 60, not a whole 30, but I'll definitely celebrate at 30 :)


The weekend was a bit of a challenge - we had a birthday in the household on Saturday and that involved going to the movies for a double-feature, but i packed myself a lara bar and some coconut/nuts/raisins for a tiny snack during each movie (we saw 2).  Had those with the bottled water and i was able to enjoy my snack without wanting any of the popcorn being scarfed down by my sweeties.


We stepped out at lunchtime to go to Red Robin, where I had their simply chicken sandwich with a lettuce wrap and avocado instead of mayo.  And a big old helping of bottomless steamed broccoli :)


Then for dinner I made something really unique that i found online:  ground beef bacon and pumpkin sautee with an overeasy egg fried in ghee on top. I had some greenbeans on the side and that was delish!


Had more of the pumkin sautee for meal 1 on sunday, with scrambled eggs instead, and meal 2 was a salad with lots of yummy veggies and some tuna and avocado.  The meal 3 last night was another neat recipe --  coconut pork chops with pineapple salsa... i made roasted carrots for the side.


more later... work calls. :)

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Day 27 is complete... and I have to say, I'm really proud of the way I'm branching out.


I was basically out of prepped food at home this morning, so I decided to treat myself to a salad for lunch.  The same salad that made my stomach ache a bit last week. So instead of asking for "all the greens except kale", I just went with romaine. But then i had them add a ton of veggies, a whole avocado, some sunflower seeds, and 2 whole boiled eggs and i used the oil & apple cider vinegar i have at work for the dressing.  Now, normally, you'd think a salad isn't enough but this is a huge mixing bowl filled with stuff that they then stuff down into a bowl the size of a medium mixing bowl.  they really PACK it in there... they make it fresh in front of you. so it truly is filling.  I could add chicken but...i'm just not sure what it's marinated in... so i just go with the egg and avocado...  throw some hazelnuts as a finish to the end of the meal and i felt very satisfied.


Then I stopped on the way home at my Roots market (a small health/organic food chain in my area) to pick up some stuff for my weekly cookup - plus I was nearly out of coconut oil. THE HORROR!!  :)  


While I was there I picked up some tilapia (sea watch "good" choice... not as good as the salmon that was 3 times more expensive, but still good...) and on the way home was pondering what i would do with it.  I thought hmm... i made the coconut crusted pork chops last night... i wonder.... what if i did that but pan fried it in coconut oil instead of baked it in the oven....


So I came home and proceeded to do that... we had the tilapia crusted in the shredded coconut (it's so fine it's like bread crumbs) that i'd mixed with some cumin, some chili powder, some ground red pepper, salt and pepper... and then pan fried (patiently... i'm finally learning not to try to turn the food too soon) in my pan in just enough coconut oil to puddle around it...  i boiled some small white potatoes then tossed them with olive oil and salt and parsley, and cooked some asparagus.  


O M G.  that was AMAZING. SOOO good.  I was just floored.  I mean, i can cook as well as the next person, and better than some, but i'm not a chef or anything.  But i'm trying so many new ingredients and styles of cooking... and i'm trying to be less afraid of fat.  One of the mentors said to me that i should reconsider steaming every vegetable i cook... because i'm just having ot work that much harder to add fat in later....  I've been roasting several of my veggies since even before that, with olive oil or what have you, but to actually.... FRY something... is unheard of.  It's been anathema for so long... it's very hard to open that door again.  But wow... that fish...  That will be a staple in our household for years to come.


THEN, I did a mini-cookup.  


I was tired of just browning ground beef and trying to figure out what to do with it, so I decided to try my hand at muffin meatloaf.  Of course, I didn't use anyone's recipe... I know how to make meatloaf... the issue was making it without bread or sugary ketchup. So, I opened my refrigerator and my pantry, assessed my options for binders and I ended up using one of the boiled potatoes left from dinner mashed up and mixed into 2 lbs of organic grass fed ground beef, an egg and half a can of sweet potato puree. Then i added some onion, some spices (pepper, salt, sage, rosemary) and  some "simple ketchup" made from a recipe i found (basically tomato paste with spices and vinegar whisked into it - it's really tasty).  i mixed it up really well and then patted it into the muffin tins.  Then i baked those for about 40 minutes in a 350 degree oven and voila! meatloaf muffins.. i tasted the corner of one. it was good!


I was also in the mood for soup, and i'd seen a recipe for creamy tomato soup using canned tomatoes and coconut milk.  Sp I found that and then I subbed out a few things (dried onion and herbs for fresh, which I didn't have on hand), skipped a few others (garlic - still hates me) and then cooked it all down and pureed it with my hand blender. I took a little taste while I was ladeling it into my little mason jars to put in the fridge, and it was JUST as good, if not better, than the safeway soup I used to love from their soup bar... the tuscan tomato.  This is JUST as good and I know every ingredient and it took me 20 minutes.


I also roasted some chicken thighs with olive oil, salt and pepper (my protein go to) and made some ghee with some cultured butter i bought last week for when i ran out.


and I boiled a dozen eggs.


I'm not usually so verbal about what i've made and how i cooked it.. but i'm just so pleased and proud that i've gone 6 weeks now.  Yes, i'm on day 27 due to a restart on day 10 when i found out i was drinking tea with soy lecithin unknowingly - but minus that one tiny glitch, i've been making these food choices without ever once slipping or cheating... and cooking every day... repeat EVERY DAY... since the end of January.  Eating breakfast EVERY day... 


Taking care of me feels good.  For the first time in my adult life... i feel like i'm really going to succeed at turning my life around.  :)


I do plan to go onto a whole 60 (at least)... i had a lot of damage to repair.  But just stopping to reflect and be proud.... that's important as I near the end of my first 30. :)

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Day 28


Quick log entry of what i had for breakfast and what i packed for lunch...


Meal 1

  • 2 cold chicken thighs (i love cold chicken... i don't know what it is... but i love it MUCH more than hot chicken. go figure.)
  • 2 small cold potatoes left over from last night
  • 1 cup of asparagus (also cold. Hehe)
  • handful of almonds

Meal 2

  • 2 meatloaf muffins
  • green beans
  • a pint jar sized mason jar of creamy tomato soup
  • pineapple chunks
  • handful of almonds
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Day 28 continued


Meal 3

  • 2 meatloaf muffins (we've taken to affectionately calling them 'meat cakes'... after the George Carlin routine)
  • sauteed greens, about 2 cups - sauteed with olive oil and lemon
  • 3 small white potatoes with ghee
  • 6 pineapple chunks roasted with ghee and cinnamon


Day 29


Wow... i'm at day 29.. (39 if you don't count the stupid tea bags :D)... but officially day 29. That means tomorrow is my official "day 30"... For me it's only a halfway mark, I think. I'm going for a whole 60.  Not because i'm afraid to venture off the path, but because I feel like I'm just really getting to the good part -- I'm starting to be more adventurous and experimental in my cooking... and I'm probably going to spend the next 30 tweaking the balance of my plate template a bit.  I've also started seeing good #'s on my sugar tests... of course, that could be because I actually bought test strips that are ACCURATE (turns out the ones we had are notorious for being wildly high... which could be why it seemed so out of wack.  This AM it was a 133 fasting sugar... with the old set of strips i never got below 180.  And the change was when I opened the new bottle and recalibrated the meter.  133 also is more in line with what the doctor got on my fasting test at their office - 146.  Down a little, as it should be since good things are starting to happen and i'm losing some of the inches from my belly.  So I want to go another 30 to see how much farther down the road to really making this a HABIT I can get.


So... enough babbling... on to logging.


Meal 1


  • 3 hard boiled eggs
  • half a can of pitted green olives (I like them better than the jarred ones, I think. I love the jarred ones when i'm in the mood for something salty, but the olives don't really always need that much salt)
  • 1 whole red bell pepper

Meal 2 - packed

  • 2 chicken thighs
  • 1 avocado
  • leftover pineapple salsa - just a few spoonfuls
  • 1 orange

hmmmm.. i meant to put some frozen veggies in my bag and realize now that I forgot to. Grr.  So.. it's a fruity kinda meal. Didn't think that through. Maybe I should order an instacart and have them deliver some frozen veggies or something like that to the office... or maybe i should go downstairs and buy a small salad. Yeah.. i'll do that and put the avocado and some olives in it.  Skip the orange maybe.

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Update:  I made my Day 30 with flying colors. :) I'm really, really proud that I made it, and didn't really have too much trouble sticking with anything. As I've said all along, this diet actually represents a much larger variety of foods and ways of cooking than I had been allowing myself for so long.  I had a really toxic relationship with my food - I see that now looking back on the past 4 years.  Not because of any one particular food I couldn't resist, or foods without brakes... but because the unexplained and seemingly random episodes of pain and illness that would follow meals had put me in a place of fear.  I could eat something one day and be fine, and seemingly the next day or week, the exact same meal would bring on days of misery: pain, cramping, nausea, and other "tmi" digestive issues.  I was gunshy and hesitant about eating anything... because no food felt safe.  When I did find a food that was safe, I would eat that one food until I was in a food rut.  This is so far from what I ate like as a child that it boggles the mind.  When I was young, I was raised to try everything at least once.


Even now with my new, healthier attitude, trying a totally new food is scary.  The difference is... I do it anyway.  I've gotten back so many foods I thought were gone from my diet forever: broccoli, cauliflower, bananas, nuts, just to name a few....  and i've learned that if I venture out too far, and have a bad experience, there's a safe "fall back" position full of foods that I can eat until my stomach settles and try something else new.  But even that has only happened a few times in the past 45 days.  (I started on 1/31, then reset once, and "finished" a few days ago).


My sugar numbers are back into normal ranges.  I lost 12 pounds as a bonus.  I feel better.


Are things perfect yet? No.  I still don't sleep how I should, I still drink a little more coffee some days than others... and if I stop paying attention and pre-prepping breakfast for just a few days, i feel my tendency to skip breakfast wanting to come back.  Am I craving anything enough to want to reintroduce it? Not yet.  


I was REALLY sick.  I'm a LOT better, but I'm not fully well yet.  I think I've got one or two more whole 30's to go before I feel that I've really got this path laid out and will stay on it.  Am I going to do it?  You bet I am.


Although I haven't gone off the whole 30 list of foods, so I've been technically compliant, the past few days I've been a little less organized on when I ate and how it fit the template... so time to buckle back down again and make it official.  And this time, I'm gonna tweak it and make it an even BETTER whole thirty.


Tomorrow will be Day 1 of my 2nd whole 30.  Ready, set...

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Whole 30 #2, Day 1


I did most of my weekly cooking last night during my "cook up", so on tap for this week are many deliciously yummy things.  I didn't get the london broil done... i'll do that tonight... but I definitely had enough to go with for the next few days.  This weekend, my sister and I are going away, but we specifically found a Residence Inn, which has a full kitchen, so that I can bring food and we will eat most, if not all, meals from what I brought and/or make there.  So in my cook-up last night i made pork chops, tomato soup, roasted spaghetti squash, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted carrots.  Tonight i'll finish up by roasting some green beans, putting the london broil in and letting it slow roast, steaming some broccoli and making ghee.  That'll be enough to last through to monday, I think.    On to the logging, then to work. :)


Meal 1

  • 2 boneless pork chops, roasted with olive oil & salt/pepper
  • 1.5 cups roasted brussels sprouts
  • 1 handful of hazelnuts
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Day 2.1 (that'll be how i mark for myself that it's the 2nd whole 30, day 1 etc...)

Meal 2


  • 2 boneless pork chops (yes... variety is important.. i'll be cooking up the rest of the proteins tonight. :D)
  • 1 cup cooked spinach with ghee
  • 2 cups cooked squash/zucchini rounds with ghee
  • 8 green olives
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Day 2.1 cont'd.


I finished the day up strong with a yummy dish of spaghetti squash with tomato & meat sauce.  I left the fat of the organic beef in the sauce, so it was pretty lusciously fatty, so i didn't add any to this meal. I'd had plenty earlier in the day between the nuts, ghee and olives.


Meal 3

  • 2 cups spaghetti squash
  • tomato, meat and mushroom sauce - 2 cups

Day 2.2


I got lazy and didn't make a second type of meat/protein this week so as a result i'm eating pork chops twice again today. grr.  I'll need to stop and grab something else for dinner tonight.  Salmon maybe.  I'll really do that london broil tonight overnight, and boil some eggs too so i have stuff to take with me to the hotel with Amy.


Meal 1

  • two thin cut roasted pork chops
  • 1 handful of almonds
  • 1 cup roasted carrots
  • 1 cup roasted brussels sprouts


meal 2

I packed:

  • a large bowl of creamy tomato soup (made with canned tomatoes, chicken stock, coconut milk & spices)
  • 2 pork chops
  • a whole bell pepper
  • some olives
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Day 2.2 cont'd


Meal 3


Yes, I said i'd stop but didn't - i remembered i had something scheduled for the evening so i couldn't.  So.... meal 3 was you guessed it...

  • 2 pork chops (they're gone thank god. no more!)
  • carrots
  • brussels
  • ghee


Day 2.3


After i finished the stuff i had scheduled last night, I put the london broil in before bed and let it cook overnight.  I layered it in with potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes onions and celery and some spices.  I had some of the meat for breakfast with a big pile of greenbeans roasted in olive oil and salt.  I was busy packing everything up to take with me for the trip tonight so i forgot to include a fat, but had some olives when i got into the office... so we'll call those "2nd breakfast". Just call me a hobbit.


Meal 1

  • 2 thin slices of london broil
  • 2 cups green beans roasted with olive oil & salt
  • olives
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Day 2.5


So I went away with my sister this weekend. We got a room at a Residence Inn and I brought food and so did she (all stuff we planned ahead) so our meals were very healthy and scrumptious and entirely whole30 compliant. We did go out on Saturday for lunch, so i ordered carefully and did fine, i think.


Friday night (day 2.3)

  • leftover spaghetti squash with meat and tomato sauce
  • side salads with dried tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, oil & vinegar
  • strawberries

Saturday morning (day 2.4)

  • eggs scrambled in ghee with onions & peppers
  • roasted carrots
  • olives

Saturday lunch (day 2.4) - only meal out

  • angus beef patty with no bun
  • salad with oil & vinegar
  • baked potato with olive oil & salt

Saturday dinner (day 2.4)

  • baked chicken breasts
  • roasted carrots
  • sweet potatoes with ghee
  • roasted green beans
  • roasted brussels
  • Snack a while later - hazelnuts & raisins - just a handful

Sunday breakfast (day 2.5)

  • 3 hardboiled eggs
  • olives
  • roasted green beans

Sunday lunch at home (day 2.5)

  • london broil - 3 thin slices
  • roasted green beans
  • cabbage

Sunday dinner at home (day 2.5)

  • london broil - 3 thin slices
  • roasted brussels


  • Lara bar
  • handful of hazelnuts

So... i felt a little snacky yesterday evening, because i didn't put a fat or a second veggie with my dinner (i ate only a few hours after lunch and wasn't super hungry at the time).  So, it could have been worse... but it wasn't ideal. It also set me up for a bad morning this morning ---


Day 2.6


Meal 1

  • Lara bar on the run

Meal 2

  • Huge salad with 3 cups romaine, 2 whole eggs, 1 whole avocado, several tablespoons of sunflower seeds, olives, cucumber, tomato, peppers; dressed with olive oil and apple-cider vinegar  (yes - my typical "it's monday, i was running late and i did not bring lunch" meal...)


Going to send Sam a shopping list for the regular grocery store, and stop myself at Roots and get stuff for dinner and for my cookup.  Which I will try to do tonight, but if not, will do Tuesday night.

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Day 2.6 continued


I stopped at the grocery store and so did Sam. I didn't get home until after 9, but whipped up a REALLY fast dinner:


Meal 3

  • tilapia, pan cooked in ghee
  • roasted green beans
  • sautee'd greens (in olive oil with lemon)


Day 2.7


Meal 1

  • 3 hard boiled eggs
  • 1 bowl tomato soup
  • 8 olives
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Ok.. News flash.. i got back results of my food allergy/sensitivity testing and... bam. Avoid Egg whites and Egg Yolks.  And pineapple.  Several other things like dairy and wheat and gliadin (the protein in wheat).  I was already avoiding the wheat and dairy... but Eggs have been rather a staple of mine... so... i think i need to find a 4th protein to cook this week.... sigh.


And what to do with the 12 i currently have boiled and in a bag waiting to be eaten... i can reintroduce them slowly after 8 - 10 weeks, according to this, but, still.




Day 2.7


Meal 2

  • leftover tilapia
  • leftover greens
  • leftover green beans  (which i'm now supposed to eat moderately - no more often than once every 4 days)

oh well.  Life without eggs won't be bad.  Life without COCONUT on the other hand, would have been a tragedy.  So all's well that ends well.

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So... i think i'm restarting my 2nd whole 30.  I haven't slipped or fallen into a pile of donuts or anything. Everything I've eaten has been totally on plan... I'm just finding that my heart hasn't quite been in it the past few days... I was tired at the beginning of the week so i've done haphazard cooking prep... and so i've been making meals thrown together with things that I'm fairly certain, while not including anything they shouldn't, don't really include everything they should as far as the meal template is concerned.  I've also now got the new wrinkle of foods i didn't realize i was intolerant to that's been throwing me off - because they are several of the foods i've been eating (eggs, green beans, pineapple, almonds).


So... i'm officially on day "zero minus 1".  I'll go shopping tomorrow on day zero, and do some food prep and officially start with day 1 again on Sunday....


In the meantime, i'm going to go get a huge honking salad for lunch... my yummy preferred one :)  and it's having eggs. screw it.  I haven't noticed any major issues eating them.... so one more time won't kill me.

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